12 Month Bible Reading Challenge

There is no better way to grow in your walk with Christ than reading your Bible. Spending time with God, meditating on His word and learning about Him draws your heart closer to God’s. A Bible reading plan is a wonderful way to get into your Bible without getting overwhelmed, and keep you on track. 

What Is A Bible Reading Plan?


A Bible reading plan is pretty straight forward, it’s a guide if you will that will direct you through the Bible. There are reading plans that take you through the one year Bible reading plans, there are chronological Bible reading plans, and even reading plans by topic. 


What Happens When You Read The Bible Every Day?


Reading your Bible everyday gets you into the word of God. The Bible is the lens through which the Christian looks at the world, weighs there decisions, and lives their life. The Bible shows us the character of God, and the difference between right and wrong.


It also shows us a revelation of who God is. In every story, and section of the Bible we see who God is and His character is revealed to us. We see that our God is faithful, our God is holy, our God is unchanging, our God is merciful, our God is a loving God.


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