20 Things To Do With Your Family This Fall

Looking for some things to do with your family this fall? Here are some of our favorite ideas,

  1. Bonfires
  2. A trip to the mountains to enjoy the beautiful colors of this season
  3. Have family story hour. Pick a book to enjoy as a family and read through it aloud
  4. Go for bike rides
  5. Work on a thankful tree (you can find great ideas on Pinterest for this)
  6. Visit museums or other historical places
  7. Make a movie theater in the backyard
  8. Make Thanksgiving cards to send to family and friends
  9. Sit on the porch with hot cocoa and watch the sunset
  10. Rake leaves into piles and the jump in them
  11. Stargazing (you can find constellation print outs online)
  12. Pick apples at the orchard
  13. Go trail riding
  14. Begin delving into the history of Thanksgiving with your family (Here is a great book)
  15. Put together a Thanksgiving production (this would be especially fun if you live near a lot of family. Just round up all the cousins and put together a short play to be performed when the family gathers for Thanksgiving)
  16. Make pinecone garland (super easy, all you need is twine and pine-cones)
  17. Go to a pumpkin farm
  18. Maze!
  19. Carve pumpkins together
  20. Build a scarecrow


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