8 Days In Germany

Welcome to another post from Germany, today marks my 8th day here. I was woken by my morning wake-up call just like every other morning since I arrived and began my morning routine stumbling around getting dressed, reading my bible and brushing what little hair I have left and headed down for breakfast.

Broccoli Soup in Germany

We have a lot to choose from, I usually go with fresh fruit yogurt, bread, and slices of meat with cheese (yes girls I actually put cheese on my bread). They also offer boiled eggs and scrambled, the scrambled are pretty good but just a bit runny. There are also four different choices of juice. Come on people way too many choices for a guy first thing in the morning! Can I just have a bit of everything?

After breakfast we had to go to the banquet room for our second week of training, after a while, we get an hour-long lunch (I guess it takes a while to eat a 3-course meal) before hitting the books again. The first course was a broccoli soup, then bratwurst on cabbage with boiled potatoes and then desert- but alas I was full by then so I didn’t try it.

WW2 ammunition shells

After class, a colleague and I went to the museum that is down the street from where we are staying. We got there just before it closed and the gentleman running it allowed us to go through for free. He told us about the history of the town and about the items in the museum.

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Antique glass wear

During World War II the city was used as an ammo manufacturing area, and glass making facility (odd combination I know). Prisoners of war from France, Italy and another country that I can’t remember. They also had ladies from Auschwitz working in the factories. He told us several years ago the survivors returned to the area, I can’t imagine what that must have been like.

Some of the artifacts in the museum are from WWII but not all, I want to go back and spend more time looking around. He told us that a lot of the building that had to do with the ammunition production was destroyed so they couldn’t be used again, but some are still standing. He gave us a map with the buildings marked out so we can see them.

After the museum we headed back to the hotel for dinner, I don’t remember what we had but I’m sure I enjoyed it- then again me not enjoying food would be darn near impossible.

Here’s more of my time in the museum.

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Mr. Cottage

End Of Log.

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