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8 Powerful Lessons From Priscilla In The Bible

Who is Priscilla in the Bible, and why does her story matter to our lives today? I’m so glad you asked! Through her story, we see bravery as she followed the way of the Lord despite being a victim of Roman persecution of the early church. We see a wonderful example of caring for others, and hospitality through her ministry work in the early Christian church and despite difficult circumstances. 


Priscilla’s story is a beautiful reminder that we should care for others and a picture of a reminder that as Christians we should have a spirit of hospitality.


​Priscilla in The Bible


Who is Priscilla anyway you might ask yourself, her name doesn’t stand out like Esther, or Ruth, Deborah, or Mary Magdalene. Her name doesn’t draw to mind the story like the woman Jesus healed with the issue of blood or the woman at the well. So what is Priscilla’s role in the Bible? 


Truth be told we don’t know much about Priscilla and yet she takes her place with the other woman in the Bible, a Christian hero, her Christian faith, and ministry work are held up as shining examples for our own lives and walk with Christ Jesus. According to scholars, the name of Priscilla means ancient or venerable.


We find the story of Priscilla in the Bible in the new testament book of Acts 18, she and her husband Aquila have just been forced to leave their home in Rome because the emperor at that time Claudius had ordered all Jews out of Rome. Forced to leave their home and most likely feeling unsafe to remain in Italy they found their way to Corinth and here they meet the apostle Paul. 


What The Bible Tells Us About Priscilla

    • The Bible tells us that Priscilla and her husband are Jewish Christians.

    • Aquila is a native of Pontus.

    • Aquila and his wife Priscilla in the Bible are tent makers and pursue this trade in Corinth after being forced to flee from Rome.
      Ancient map up corinth


  • Paul stayed with Priscilla in the Bible and her husband and worked with them, while planting the Corinthian church.

  • From Corinth, we learn that Priscilla and Aquila follow Paul to Ephesus in Acts 18, and 1 Corinthians 16:19.

    Ancient Apollo Temple in Corinth

  • When Paul left Ephesus, Priscilla, and Aquila stayed on and started a house church in their own home.

  • Later on in Romans 16:3-4, we find Priscilla in the Bible and her husband have returned to Rome after the death of Claudius, when his successor Nero reversed his expulsion decree, and are continuing their encouragement of the followers of Jesus. 

  • Priscilla in the Bible along with her husband were church planters and played a significant role in Paul’s ministry. In Romans 16:5 Paul says of them: Greet Priscilla and Aquila, my co-workers in Christ Jesus. They risked their lives for me. Not only I but all the churches of the Gentiles are grateful to them. (NIV)

  •  They had a Roman church meeting in their home for 10 years, until the Great Fire of July 19, AD 64, completely destroyed or seriously damaged 10 of the 14 districts of Rome, including the homes on the Aventine Hill (where it’s believed their home was).

  • After this, we see their names again in 2 Timothy 4:19. Priscilla in the Bible and her husband have once again returned to Ephesus. This is the final time we hear of them in scripture. However, according to Eusebius of Caesarea, a historian from the early 4th century records, Aquila was killed as a martyr in Asia Minor. It is said that he was executed by the Roman authorities for his unwavering commitment to Christ. 

    Similarly, Hippolytus of Rome, a theologian from the early 3rd century, also wrote about the deaths of various apostles and disciples of Jesus in his work “On the Apostolic Tradition.” He included Aquila among the martyrs he wrote about. Neither account mentions Priscilla, and so her death remains a mystery but we can assume a similar fate as her husband. 

Priscilla and Aquila


Priscilla in the Bible lived under Roman rule and experienced the persecution of the early church under the leadership of Roman emperors, Claudius and then under his successor Nero. She and her husband experience great loss as they were forced to flee their home, not once but twice. 

And yet scripture holds them up as an example of hospitality and faith. Despite the hardships in their life they still encouraged their fellow believers, hosting a church in their own home for many years. They followed Christ faithfully as missionaries and church planters, sharing their hospitality with other believers in the early church and using it as an opportunity to strengthen the faith of those around them.


Was Priscilla A Pastor? 


Nowhere in the Bible does it say that Priscilla was a pastor, however many people suggest that this is the case and that scripture backs up their claims. What the Bible does tell us about her is that she and her husband were missionaries, that they traveled with Paul during his missionary trips, and that they were church planters. 


Scripture always mentions Priscilla and Aquilla together and tells us that they hosted a church in their home for many years. Given Paul’s feelings on this subject in 1 Timothy 11-12, and the fact that he held Priscilla and Aquila in high esteem, I find it highly unlikely that Priscilla was a pastor in any traditional sense. 


In any case, it’s clear that she cultivated a spirit of hospitality, making others feel welcomed into her home, exercising kindness in her day-to-day life, and encouraging them in their own walk with Christ. 


What Can We Learn From Priscilla In The Bible?


Priscilla in the Bible has many lessons to teach us, let’s take a look at just a few:


Storms come, even when we are in God’s will.


Life’s storms come, even when we are where God wants us, usually because we are in His will. The devil tries to distract us and send us running, Priscilla in the Bible experienced many trials and losses but she didn’t allow it to shake her faith or keep her from following the Lord. Her story is a reminder to keep our eyes on Jesus no matter what is going on around us. 

​God can achieve great things in difficult times.


Priscilla in the Bible reminds us that God can achieve amazing things in the midst of difficult times, and in our weakest moments, His strength shines through. The circumstances that we are going through are merely the stage for our mighty God to show up and get the glory. 


The storm you are going through, maybe God wants to use that in someone else’s life like a lighthouse- see I never left them in that storm, I walked with them through every trial, every valley I held them through, I’ve got you too. I’m not going to abandon you, see what I got them through. 


It’s always worth it to follow God’s calling. 


God’s calling always requires sacrifices, but it’s still worth it. Despite whatever pain, or discomfort you may end up experiencing following Him into the deep waters of faith is worth it. 


God uses our talents.


Pricilla in the Bible reminds us to use our God-given talents for him, whatever they are. In Pricilla’s case, she used her gift of hospitality to reach others for Christ and encourage her fellow believers in their walk with God. 


God values our faithfulness.


One of the big themes throughout Pricilla in the Bible’s story is faithfulness, through storms, pain, loss, and being uprooted, persecution, and trials she remained faithful and continued serving others the Lord had placed in her path. 


Hospitality and kindness are important.


Pricilla’s story is a reminder of the importance of hospitality and kindness in our day-to-day lives. She is a shining example of what cultivating hospitality looks like, and how it can play a role in encouraging our fellow believers and winning souls for the kingdom. 


God uses life storms.


Pricilla in the Bible once again shows us that God uses the storms we face for His glory. Whatever we are going we can rest assured that God’s plan is faithful, and He will complete it.


Go where God leads.


Pricilla’s story once again reminds us to go where God leads, let God work out the details, your job is to obey. 



Priscilla’s Story In The Bible


Priscilla’s name is one I will never forget, may we each learn to be as faithful in our walk with Christ, and practice the hospitality that she showed to so many during her life. Her story and the many others like her who were martyred for their faith are shining examples for us, we should be encouraged by their lives and strive to live up to their example for us. 


This husband and wife team shines through Bible history from the ancient world to encourage us in our own walk like so many other characters in the word of God. Their work in the gentile churches, their missionary activities, and their great help in Paul’s ministry makes them remarkable people, that can teach us so much about using our spiritual gifts and remaining faithful through tough times.


What stands out to you the most about Priscilla in the Bible?


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  1. Currently, I have started the missionary journey In my work with Christ. I found this piece so encouraging.
    Priscilla and Aquila are epitome of church planters. The grace of God was their coverage. Even while facing a lot of challenges they remain hospitable to the brethren.
    Please I prayers In my missionary assignment.
    Thank you and God bless you real good. Amen.

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