9 Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas For Your Holiday Celebrations

Thanksgiving is just around the corner which means most people are planning for the big family gathering and working on decorating. The Thanksgiving table sets the atmosphere for the whole meal, so we’ve put together nine gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpieces to get you ready for the big day!
Thanksgiving table | 9 Beautiful thanksgiving table decor ideas for your holiday celebrations #rosevinecottagegirls
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What Are Common Decorations During Thanksgiving?

Some common decorations for Thanksgiving decorations include:

  • A Cornucopia or Horn Of Plenty –  these are a wonderful traditional piece of Thanksgiving decor that can be often found on tables or throughout the home on Thanksgiving. A cornucopia is a symbol of abundance and nourishment, it represents the harvest that the pilgrims were giving thanks to God for on the first Thanksgiving. 
  • Pilgrim or Indian Decor – Another symbol of the first Thanksgiving that can be found on Thanksgiving Tables around the country is Pilgrim or Indian themed decor. A reminder of where this wonderful American holiday hails from. 
  • Pumpkins – Pumpkins are another very popular piece of Thanksgiving Decor thank you can include on your holiday table decor. 
  • Squash & Gourds – another thing you will often find in Thanksgiving decor is squash, these are a colorful addition to holiday tables.
  • Acorns & Leaves – Some more items that you will often find as part of Thanksgiving decor is acorns and leaves scattered along the table for a pop of fall color. 

How To Decorate A Table For Thanksgiving On A Budget

Hosting this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations on a budget? Here are some great ways that you can create a beautiful Thanksgiving table on a budget:

  • DIY your Decor
  • Grow Your Own Bouquets
  • Focus on your plating and creating delicious food 
  • Check thrift store and yard sales for decor you can use to make Thanksgiving table decor
  • Makeover cheap decor
  • Get the kids involved and have them make your decor
  • You edible decor on your Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Creating beautiful thanksgiving table decor is super easy, you can use pieces from your normal home decor or find unique antiques to add to your Thanksgiving decor. You can even forage around the yard for some foliage and natural elements to throw in.

Old Fashioned Thanksgiving Table

This simple Thanksgiving table decor will only take a few minutes to put together, bringing together beautiful neutral colors and textures with an old fashioned feel. 

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

For this look you’ll need: 

white and green pumpkins
dried hydrangeas
silver candlesticks
tapper candles
silver chargers
bone china plates
mini faux pumpkins
white linen napkins
chicken wire and daisy napkin rings

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Neutral Farmhouse Style Thanksgiving TableThanksgiving Table Centerpiece

For this farmhouse style thanksgiving centerpiece, we combined some natural colors and textures to create a beautiful and cozy yet very simple table.

For this thanksgiving centerpiece you’ll need:

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Rustic Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Gourd Thanksgiving Centerpiece

This is a simple thanksgiving table look with a basket full of luffa gourds, silver candlesticks, we paired it with black plates.

For this Thanksgiving table look you’ll need:

Rustic Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Rustic Thanksgiving Centerpiece

This rustic thanksgiving centerpiece brings together rich wood tones with lovely antique silver candlesticks and a gorgeous orange pumpkin. 

For this look Thanksgiving centerpiece you’ll need:

Cozy Thanksgiving Table

Cozy Thanksgiving Table

This look brings together beautiful pumpkins, candlesticks and fur table runner in a cozy festive look.

Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Farmhouse Style Thanksgiving Table

This really simple look has a bit of farmhouse style and classic old fashion feel. Simple but cozy, we went with a galvanized bucket of butternut squash, candlesticks, cotton garland, simple china plates, and chicken wire napkin rings for this tablescape.

For this thanksgiving centerpiece you’ll need:

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Pumpkin Thanksgiving Centerpiece 

Simple Pumpkin Thanksgiving Table

This is a super easy table to put together, with beautiful piles of pumpkins and gorgeous antique plates.

For this look thanks centerpiece you’ll need: 

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Simple Apple Table

Simple Apple Thanksgiving Table

This Thanksgiving look combines beautiful antiques with natural elements and a gorgeous wooden bread bowl. 

For this look you’ll need:

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Country Thanksgiving Table

Beautiful country Thanksgiving table

This look is filled with lots of festive colors and textures to create a warm atmosphere. 

What you will need for this thanksgiving table:

We also place buckets of mums and pumpkins here and there around the table.

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