Cottage Independence Day by Rosevine Cottage Girls

A Cottage Independence Day

A Cottage Independence Day  This has not been a normal year. It has been a couple years now of this.  Grandma is sick and in and out of the hospital. Some say she should not be here right now at all and we fear what is coming around the bend. . We have worked so hard to get her healthy and keep her alive.
Cottage Independence Day by Rosevine Cottage Girls
We were going to just stay home and let the day pass silently. Not one of us the energy for a large party or big celebration.
One of our precious foster loves has left us and gone back home in a terrible situation. We miss them so much and our hearts are tender and broken as we prepare for our second foster love to also leave us.  There is so much that we have on our hearts. There feelings that are so raw and hurt so deep. We have decided to spend this 4th of July at the lake. Like normal families that have not fought death and are not worried about dissolution and an unknown future for their children.
For our Cottage Independence Day we find ourselves packing. Taking blankets and towels and headed down in the summer sun to sit among other families. We live walking distance to this beach at the lake so it was close to home and not stressful.
4th of July, Cottage Independence Day by rosevine cottage girls

We took time to play and enjoy one another, even Mrs. Cottage, baby Cottage and Grandma Cottage came.  It was little bit’s first time at the lake and we took him to get his feet wet in the water.

A Cottage Independence Day, Rosevine Cottage Girls


Grandma sat on her walker and watched us play with the baby. We have all been walking on eggshells and holding our breath not knowing what is coming next but knowing something is coming.

It was good to play. So good to laugh and splash and play and pretend that all was well and that we really were all happy and worry-free.

A Cottage Independence Day by Rosevine Cottage Girls, our feet in the sand trying to find joy again


We were all reserved, all understanding although not wanting to admit it to ourselves or one another that we could all feel what was coming around the corner. Like a train that you can hear and not feel.

A Cottage Independence Day by Rosevine Cottage Girls


But to be washed in the cool water brought comfort.  To hear the laughter brought healing and hope that tomorrow may be bad, but somewhere in the future, there will be joy again.


We just don’t know who will be in it.

A Cottage Independence Day


Wishing you all a Happy Independence Day.
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