A Day At Fort Campbell

 Have you ever wondered what life on a military base is like? Well just in case you have I will tell you a little bit about our trip to Fort Campbell the home of the Screaming Eagles.

Mr. Cottage was out of the military before I was born, so I have never lived on base. Whenever I’m on base it always strikes me how quiet it is, and big. It’s like a small city inside a city. If you didn’t want to leave the base you wouldn’t have to, they have everything inside that you would need.

Traffic is slow- you know the school zones you always hit when you are in a hurry? Yeah like that. Except that’s what it is like on the whole base. If you don’t know where you are going the streets can be a little confusing.

While we were there the last time we may or may not have taken a wrong turn, no way am I admitting that we got lost (wink). Anyway, we came across this “open air” Museum. As my family can vouch, I LOVE old planes (actually I pretty much love all things old)! So of course, we had to stop! Aren’t they neat?


I love this shot.  It messes with my eyes, though.  I always think the propeller is bent but it is just the shadow back across the engine.

Another great shot of this old girl.








Hey, they named a helicopter after me! Ok, ok so its had the name longer- but a girl can have some fun can’t she!


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