A Day At The Cottage – After The Ice Melts

We finally got out to do some much needed yard work today.  The ice was so bad! We had several ice storms and our big cedar tree really took a beating. This is one of the big limbs that fell during the last storm.  It was sure beautiful, but deadly. I am glad no one was under the branches when it fell.


We put up some arbors up for the climbing roses that we transplanted last fall. This is the area that we are putting together in memory of grandma. Man, it is so strange having her gone.


A beautiful bowl of eggs from our girls sits on the table.  The girls are starting to lay a bit more now that the days are getting longer and warmer and that all the ice has melted.
Beautiful pear trees are all in bloom.  I hope the weather holds up and these don’t experience anymore ice or freezing weather.
 The chickens before the storm.  They are enjoying the sunshine.


 Mr. Cottage starting up the chainsaw playing with his toy. Our poor tree died in the ice storm so it is going to have to go.



Sun going down… Brrrrrr It is getting cold.


Gathering Eggs for the day.


A few left over cherry blossoms.



 What better way to end a day? Some family time.


Bonfire time!

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