A Month Of Thankfulness

Two days out of the year. Two days designated to say “Thank You”. One Veterans Day the Other Thanksgiving. How can you fit Eleven months of life into two days of Thank You? How can mere words be enough? Yesterday we spent the day as a family at the Zoo for there Military Appreciation Day.

 Today I am haunted by a woman who came up to us asking if we wanted her extra tickets. We told her my dad was a Veteran (So we got in free). Her eyes brimmed with tears as she told us that she too would get in free. Because you see her son was a veteran. He gave is life in Afghanistan. I am haunted as my dad looked down at the pavement and whispered: “I am so sorry to hear that”. I am haunted by the face of her daughter-in-law and her three children.

How does “Thank you” and “I am so sorry for your loss” even start to cover his and his families sacrifice? Today I am haunted by the fact this. Even though it is not enough, Thank you to all those who have served our country.


November 11, 2013, Memorial Day
Today, I am thankful for the lady yesterday we met at the zoo. She came up to us and offered us some tickets for free. We told her that Dad was a veteran and her eyes brimmed with tears. She shared with us her son was a soldier in Afghanistan and that she lost him there. I looked over at her car and there was her daughter-in-law with three young children. My heart broke. We all told her how sorry we were for her loss… but that seemed not enough. I couldn’t look away, I wanted to, but I couldn’t because that would discount all he had given for me. I let the tears fall and I too thanked her for what she had given for us and our freedom. Bless them, Lord. Comfort them and provide for them.

Thank you, Lord, for the life of that soldier.  Bless his family.  Give them comfort and provision. Thank you, Lord…

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