Book cover of A note yet unsung by Tamara Alexander showing a beautiful woman in a full length flowing gown on the stage of a wonderful theater. She is looking back over her shoulder and she has a violin that she is holding in her left hand by the neck. She has a soft smile on her face. Her hair is swept up in an updo and the gown she is wearing is a soft purple color.

A Note Yet Unsung Book Review


A Note Yet Unsung


Hello, friends, here again with a new book by one of our favorite authors to share with you and it is A Note Yet Unsung. 

We had the opportunity to read “A Note Yet Unsung” by Tamera Alexander for review. Be prepared to be swept away and soar on the wings of the masters that came before us.


Despite being trained as a master violinist, Rebekah Carrington is refused admittance to the Nashville Philharmonic by a young conductor Nathaniel Whitcomb who bowed to the public opinion. Now with a reluctant muse and pains in his head, he needs her help to finish his symphony. But will he be able to win back her trust after he’s crushed her dreams?

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A close up photograph of a woman playing a violin. Her hand is on the neck and the other holds the bow. The wood on the violin is a beautiful reddish color and polished perfectly. The text says, "A note yet unsung" a book review by the


You can almost hear the resounding notes echoing across the halls of time as we follow these amazing characters in all of their strengths and frailties. A beautiful story- great characters and a wonderful plot. I think you will love this story as much as I did.

We completely loved it and recommend it to you.

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Received this book from the publisher for our honest review.

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