Adventure Room Part 1

A couple weeks ago my aunt got some photography equipment in her shop Traveling Pants, she posted about it on her Facebook. She happened to be traveling to Nashville the next day so she brought the stuff with her. We set it up in the dining room to play with it- and suddenly realized we needed a studio to keep it all in. So we decided to move our guest rooms around and convert one into a studio. We chose the adventure room because it has its own door outside so when we get up and running people don’t have to go through the entire house to get to the studio. But that also meant we had quite a bit of moving to do.

In the new room we are starting with a clean slate so we still have a lot of work to do to make the room look like the one. We still have to paint, move the armoire with the volcano on top up stairs, hang a few pictures, change the light fixture. The new room will have two beds instead of one so we have to get or make bedding for it.

These are some of the lights we are looking at for the new room (each picture is hooked to an affiliate link that will take you to the actual light for sale. Affiliates links will cost you nothing.) Which one do you think we should choose?
Tracy and I really like the first one but Brianna likes the airplane. What do you think?
Would love to get this for the bathroom. We want to do a more aviation theme in there. We were thinking about getting prints of WWII pilots and their planes.

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