All I Want For Christmas

Work calls and off I go. The kids hanging onto my slacks as I try to uncurl their tiny fingers from the fabric so I can slide out the door.

It is another Saturday at the office, Starbucks in hand and rushing to get in once again. The guilt of the promises hanging in the air but next weekend we can do it. Sure I leave when it is dark and return when it is dark but it won’t be long now until…

I saw a study where they asked children what they wanted from Santa and they all listed this toy- that game Etc. Then they asked them what they wanted from their parents – overwhelmingly the answer was time and love from mom and dad.

Parents- in the hustle a bustle of life please don’t forget, the best gift you can give your kids can’t be wrapped in paper but only in your presence. We- none of us are promised tomorrow. In the blink of an eye, everything can change… Cherish every moment. Littles are only little a short while.

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