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An Hour Unspent – Book Review

An Hour Unspent – New Book To Review


We girls love a good story and love the chance to read a new book. This series is by the author Roseanna M. White. It is the latest book called An Hour Unspent and we have offered the chance to review the book. Let me say it has been a delight and as a result gave me hours well spent reading.

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An Hour Unspent – More About The Series

The series is called ‘Shadows Over England’. It is (so far) a three-book series. This follows a family of orphans that have bound themselves together and have grown to love and care for one another and have become an endearing family.

An Hour Unspent


In An Hour Unspent White transports you seamlessly to 1915 London during the dark days of World War I as Germany wages a war for domination.  In this third book ‘An Hour Unspent’ the focus is on Barclay Pierce, a reformed master thief and head of the family now employed for his skills by the British Admiralty in protecting the country as only a former thief can. Meanwhile, you follow this family as they move from the rough streets of Poplar to the fine neighborhood of Hammersmith.

Barclay is sent by the Admiralty to join forces with an old clockmaker to try to change the tide of the war by helping this unlikely craftsman with his invention that could help them win the war. Can they keep the clockmaker and his beautiful Suffragette daughter safe from the mysterious thief that attacked her and has tried to break into their home? Tensions rise… love starts to bloom, dangerous plots are carried out… a kidnapping… and self-sacrifice.

What We Thought

This is a great book. I love as a believer, the way that he struggles to fight old patterns of sin and fights to become a better man. One that will get him the approval of not only man but of the God that he loves.

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An Hour Unspent

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