Anchors Aweigh Movie Review

Looking for a great movie to watch? Well, how about a classic?

This is a WWII era Navy movie that my grandma loved. The music is beautiful and lines are great and the little boy is adorable (no I am not talking about Frankie! 🙂 Care to join us for some popped corn and a great picture, then this is it! Click video to get more information or purchase the film.

Anchors Aweigh is  about to sailors on leave in Los Angeles. Frank Sinatra plays an innocent choir boy from New Jersey and Gene Kelly his playboy shipmate.  After Frank’s character is saved by Kelly’s they are given liberty for a week and Frank wants Kelly to take him under his wing. This is such a cute movie! Our family just loved it. It kept us laughing all night. If you like musicals or military themed movies you will love this one.

Starring Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, and Kathryn Grayson. It won 1 Oscar and was nominated for 4 other awards. You can find the Anchors Aweigh Soundtrack by clicking the name in blue.

We were discussing this post and the movie and my mom started laughing because she was in the “Sinatra” miniseries and was in the scene where they won the Oscar Award for this movie.  This is a picture of her that day on the set.  Pretty cool isn’t it? 

This is a page from her movie scrapbook. 

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