Another Thanksgiving

Another Thanksgiving rolls in, the smell of good food and the promise of a Christmas holiday to follow. Yet under the Christmas carols and stuffed turkey. Beneath the laughter and the family gatherings. A smile is forced, a pair of eyes are sad.

A heart is heavy.  someone wonders what it would be like if someone dear to them was with them. Every Thanksgiving I have to wonder what it would be like if my eleven siblings were here. How much more laughter would fill the house? What would be different?

For those of you that have lost someone whether or not you met them, you probably know the feeling all too well. We always feel the gap but when the holidays roll in we feel it even more. Somewhere between the happiness and hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving I am sad because I never met the other eleven. I didn’t get to grow up with them. I didn’t get them to race them to the table for dinner. No games were ever played. No carols sung. No hands held as we Thanked God for everything we have.

I miss them though I never met them. When Thanksgiving rolls my mom and I always look at the table with its delicate plates and pretty cups and do our best to not cry and we promise each other that one day this table will be filled with little family members that are laughing and promising they have enough room for desert though they can’t finish the turkey still on there plates.

One day…

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