Auschwitz Lullaby Book Review

We love to read here at the cottage. Cozy evenings curled up with a soft blanket and an amazing book are for us a wonderful way to spend our time. We are blessed to have the opportunity to read pre-released books and be able to share them with our friends. This is one of those times. This book is called “Auschwitz Lullaby” written by Mario Escobar and published by HarperCollins. This is a new author to us. So we are excited to share it with you.

About Auschwitz Lullaby


The whole world’s gone mad. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Hate abounds. Racism is everywhere. Hatred. Your peaceful mundane life becomes one of fear. Businesses close. Restrictions tighten. Freedoms drain away. Families… neighbors disappear.


Helene is a nurse in war-torn Berlin trying to eek out a living on love and routine as the world around her goes mad. She has married her sweetheart a Roma, a Gypsy man and has lived with discrimination and lack but they and their five children now have settled in Berlin and hoping against hope not to hear a bang on the door and see the SS there waiting to take them away too.

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It’s just another day. Need to get the kids ready for school and herself to work. They head down the stairs from their flat, the children chatting as their feet clomp down the dusty stairway. She looks up to see uniforms, her heart now in her stomach and she knows. Her worst fears are here in front of her. The unknown fate of friends and neighbors are now revealed as her family is forced on the journey to Auschwitz where she must decide to give up or to fight to bring light and hope to those who are perishing. To make her very life a comfort to those who are suffering.


Auschwitz Lullaby Book Review

This book took me on a journey. Of hatred and of the selfless love of a mother. It is well written and you will find yourself not wanting to come to the end of this story. Not wanting the pages to close and the tale to end. This is a difficult subject but one that needs to be remembered. 

Read more about this book and purchase it on Amazon,  I know you won’t be able to put this book down! Helene was a real person, her family real children that lived a life beyond themselves.

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