Rosevine Cottage Girls

The Rosevine Cottage Girls are a mother and twin-daughter team. We intercede into the lives of men and women to speak truth into their lives and remind them of their worthwhile inspiring them to try new things and embrace the mess and turn it into their message. We’ve heard so many times from people in our life that they struggled with recognizing their worth. We’re here to tell you that you are priceless, even on your messiest day, and remind you that you have an impact on the world around you.

The picture is of an M&M Cookie on a gray wooden surface. The text says The best M&M cookie recipe by

M&M Cookies

These M&M Cookies are so good. We made these tasty treats for an equine event that we were supposed to cater where we called the Cowgirl Cookies, but sadly it got rained out. So we had to suffer through keeping them.  Weep for us…really. 🙂  These have been in the family as long as I …

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the best giant fluffy cinnamon roll recipe by Rosevine Cottage Girls

Cinnamon Rolls

We made this cinnamon roll recipe for an equine obstacle course we were hired to cater several summers ago and let’s put it this way…none ever came home. They are super easy to make and absolutely amazing! Seriously these are the best cinnamon rolls EVER! One of the event hosts loved them so much that …

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