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The Rosevine Cottage Girls are a mother and twin-daughter team. We intercede into the lives of men and women to speak truth into their lives and remind them of their worthwhile inspiring them to try new things and embrace the mess and turn it into their message. We’ve heard so many times from people in our life that they struggled with recognizing their worth. We’re here to tell you that you are priceless, even on your messiest day, and remind you that you have an impact on the world around you.

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Veggie Omelette

This veggie omelette is a good way to add more healthy breakfast choices in our lives. This is a great tasting veggie omelette that we really love. I hope you enjoy it! It is Mr. Cottage’s favorite!   Do You Cook The Veggies Before Putting Them In An Omelette? Yes, we do. You cook them …

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Dutch Apple Pie Recipe

Out of all of the apple pie recipes, I have to say that Dutch Apple Pie is my favorite one. I just love the apple pie with delicious oatmeal crumbles on top, crisp and chewy and the sweet and spicy cinnamon complimenting the tender baked apples. Mmmmm, so good!

The Best Homemade Classic Chili Recipe

I can’t even begin to tell you the memories of this beef chili recipe as a little girl. The single men in the neighborhood could smell it cooking from a mile away and would come begging for a bowl of chili from my dear mama. She loving to take care of everyone would make a huge pot of this and give them a Tupperware container full of it. They practically danced all the way home.

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Romantic Decorations

As we were searching Romantic Decorations for a Valentines Day shoot that we had and we just couldn’t find the right decorations that touched the mood of the shoot. We wanted something personal and that touched our family so we went though our family history books and found some letters that my great father wrote …

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