Rosevine Cottage Girls

The Rosevine Cottage Girls are a mother and twin-daughter team. We intercede into the lives of men and women to speak truth into their lives and remind them of their worthwhile inspiring them to try new things and embrace the mess and turn it into their message. We’ve heard so many times from people in our life that they struggled with recognizing their worth. We’re here to tell you that you are priceless, even on your messiest day, and remind you that you have an impact on the world around you.

how to make yogurt

How To Make Yogurt In 4 Easy Steps

More and more we hear about the dangers of our foods and how horrible they are for our bodies.  Take yogurt, for example, you think, “Ok I am eating yogurt and this has to be good for me, right?”  Well, maybe not.  Between the junk they feed the animals, hormones antibiotics and the terrible sweeteners they fill the finished product with, well it is not so healthy.  

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