Photo of a cannon from the American Civil war in a corn field. The bodies of fallen soldiers lay all around the cannon and an American flag stands behind them waving in the breeze. The text says "The Battle of Spring Hill. Tennessee in the American Civil war by

Battle Of Spring Hill Tennessee

It is the anniversary of the American Civil War battle today. The battle of Spring Hill and we are headed there now.
The photo is of a fall day with steely gray clouds in the sky. It is a cornfield that has had all of the corn shorn and all that is left are the browning stubs of corn across the field. A row of cannons stand to the right of the picture and each one has a team of soldiers working them preparing for the next firing. What looks like gray fog floats across the cornfield before them creating an ominous gloom. It is not fog but the smoke from the cannons. This is a picture from the reenactment of the Battle of Spring Hill Tennessee by


I love to learn.

I can’t help myself, I just love to learn new things and I LOVE history. This is just part of who I am and the way I was raised.  Tennessee has so much to offer.  It has rich forests, waterfalls, lakes, mountains, and amazing history making it perfect for the adventurer, the homeschool family, and a beautiful place to live.


The Battle of Spring Hill


The photo is of a cloudy day in November in Tennessee. There is a cornfield that is brown from the corn being harvested and the remaining stubs of the corn has grown brown in the field. A gray mist blows across the field from right to left on the wind. It looks like a fog but it isn't. It is smoke from the gunfire from the soldiers beyond it partially obscured by the billowing smoke. This is the reenactment of the Battle of Spring Hill Tennessee an American Civil War Battlefield. by


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Many places in Tennessee like the Battle of Spring Hill site offer historical reenactments of different times in history and important Civil War Battles so that you and your family can learn more about the amazing history of our country. One such place is “The Battle of Spring Hill” reenactment.  Spring Hill is a community to the South of Nashville.  It is a beautiful area full of farmland and open fields.

Photo of a corn field that has been harvested leaving the rough short base of the corn as far as the eye can see. A large stand of trees frames the field and soldiers stand in a row in the middle and the left side of the field. There is what appears gray fog that is floating among the men and across the brown field but it isn't fog, it is smoke from gunfire and the fire of cannons. The men hold the American Flag and await orders to charge into battle. The sky is gray and it is a cool November day in Tennessee. We are at the Battle of Spring Hill reenactment. The air is filled with the retort of gunfire and the earth shakes beneath our feet as the cannons booming shakes us all. By


You park your car and you walk over cornfields and are amazed at the beauty of the countryside.  It is so quiet and serene.  Birds reel overhead and fill the sky with their song.  


Photo of the battlefield renactment of the Battle of Spring Hill in Spring Hill Tennessee The American flag is being held aloft as soldiers run into the fray. A drummer boy takes up the rear trying to keep up with the men. The sky is gray from cannon fire. It almost looks like a fog lay along the ground of the harvested corn field. The air is filled with gunfire, the cannons shake the ground and rent the air with their boom! The article is by     

The clouds are gathering but it does not look like it will storm.  You continue walking across another cornfield, trying not to trip on the nubs of cut-off cornstalks that fill the field and then you begin to hear it… gunfire.




As the troops of the north and south gather with their muskets and cannons the peace is broken. The ground shakes with the booming of the cannon and the fields echo with the volley of the guns.
The battle plays out before your eyes, history sparks alive again and you are transported to November 28, 1864.

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Having taken Atlanta, GA in September Union General William Sherman has begun to plan his ‘March to the Sea’ to Savannah where his troops will lay waste to all manufacturing, railroads, and sources of agriculture trying to crush the south and strike fear in their hearts. They burned farms, homes, and barns in their wake. General John Bell Hood faced Sherman in Atlanta and failed in the battle that went to the Union side. The result was 9222 casualties.


Photo of families watching along the edges of the battlefield of a reenactment of the Battle of Spring Hill Tennessee. There are soldiers fighting in the background. An officer rides his horse behind them encouraging them to go on in the advance. A man watching squats to watch. Three little girls in braids stand together in front of the camera. One plugs her ears as another cannon fires off at the enemy troops advancing. Photo by


General Hood marches his 38,000-man Army up to Middle Tennessee to try and divide Sherman’s two generals sent to join forces there. Major General John Schofield had 30,000 troops and General George Thomas who had 30,000 troops of his own.


General Hood’s  Army of Tennessee once again stands off against the north taking a stand against  Major General Schofield’s Union Army line.  The smoke from the cannon fire fills the air in the little valley blocking your view momentarily.  The cannon fires and you feel the booming in your chest and in your feet as it shakes the ground. Your mind imagines what it must have been like to live near this battle.  To live in the Rippavilla Plantation not far from where you stand. Suddenly a crisp breeze blows and the smoke clears like a curtain being opened on the next act.  Fallen soldiers pepper the once peaceful field.  Troops march on… Children cover their ears as the cannon fires once again. So many lives lost.  The estimate for this battle was 425 Union and 275 Confederate Casualties for this battle.

A team of soldiers work on one of their brothers injured during the cannon fire at the Battle of Spring Hill Tennessee Reenactment. They are washing out the man's eye while he lays down. The article is by


This Battle of Spring Hill battlefield was listed as one of the most endangered by the Civil War Trust. To find out more information about this or other U.S. Civil War Battlefields and what you can do to save them go to

The photo is of the Battle of Spring Hill reenactment shows a chilly fall day in a harvested corn field in Tennessee. Soldiers rushing into the fray- the American Union troops advance at their officer's orders carrying the American flag with rifles held high. The little drummer boy runs to keep up playing a rat a tat tat on his drum as he runs. The sky is a steely gray and the smoke from thousands of guns swirls around them as they run. The photo is by


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The Civil war battlefield for the Battle of Spring Hill Tennessee. The cornfield not long ago harvested is now a place of death and suffering as the soldiers fight fiercely. The smoke from thousands of guns wafts across the battlefield obscuring enemy lines. In front of the camera the soldiers reload their rifles to repeat the fire. In the distance there is a large ploom of smoke where a cannon has fired.


Photo of a reenactment of the Battle of Spring Hill Tennessee an American Civil War battle. The battle is in a cornfield that has recently been harvested and is brown with the shorn off stems of the corn. Soldiers gather with their flags preparing to march off and advance on the enemy. An officer sits on his horse holding a flag up high. The wind on the cool November day is blowing the flags. by


Photo of an overcast day in November. Officers sit on horses awaiting orders to go into battle. Another officer on his horse holds aloft the flag. Behind them is a cornfield and soldiers on foot. This is the reenactment of the Battle of Spring Hill Tennessee an American Civil War Battle by


The photo is of the reenactment of the Battle of Spring Hill Tennessee. A row of cavalry officers sit at the edge of the battlefield waiting for their order to advance. There horses are nervous from the sound of gunfire and cannonade that fills the air. A soldier on foot runs behind them. In the background you can barely see the soldiers fighting in the cornfield. by




Photo of the battle field of the Battle of Spring Hill Tennessee. A reenactment is taking place and the battle lines have been drawn. A large corn field is in front of us and the corn has been shorn leaving nubs of the stems all across the field making it brown. The sky is overcast and steely gray. Before us are soldiers on foot with their rifles awaiting orders. One has a flag he carries. A boy carrying a messenger bag slung over his soldier heads to an officer to give his message. Across the field you can see the opposing troops lined up before a large stand of trees By
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