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Be Still

It is time to just be still.

Sometimes life is raw, the Instagram-worthy life slips away to reveal the dirt and rawness beneath. The loss of a friend or family member, the death of a dream, the pain of an absent loved one. Funny how fragile it all is. The empires we build are just a teetering house of cards ready to crumble at the slightest breath of wind. How easy the facade falls…


Be Still



Be still… stillness, nature it calls to my heart like the need for a cold drink on a hot summer day. The trails of a local park call to my soul like an old friend begging me to visit once again. Begging me to walk with them once more. Peace like a river, washing over me. I find God on these trails, in the quiet, the stillness, the beauty of His creation. The whisper in the trees, the song of the bird. It’s like walking with Him. I need this, like sleep or air. To be with Him… to listen to Him.


Be Still | a duck swimming in placid water |


Find A Place To Be Still

Find a place that makes you want to be still, make time to listen to His voice. Close your eyes and let His words echo over your heart like a ripple in a lake.

He calls us to this stillness if only we will heed his call. He tells us… Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10


Be still | A tranquil treed park with ducks standing on a trail |

Be still. Listen, watch, experience – so much we miss in our busy lives. When was the last time you noticed a sunset? Or wildflowers along the street? A butterfly’s dance? It’s so easy to miss, so easy to get caught up in living that you don’t see the beauty of His creation around you.


Make Time To Be Still


Be still for a moment. What do you notice? What do you hear? Forget your worries and stress for a moment and lean into Him. Let Him refresh you, let Him relieve your burdens, let Him hold you close, and just be still.

Let Him whisper truth to your tired soul. Find His fingerprints in the midst of the storms and crazy never-ending pace of life.

Steal away from the rat race and sit with Him. Let Him whisper truth over your battered soul, let him inscribe them over the scars life has inflicted on your heart.
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