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Bear One Another’s Burdens


Did you know we are supposed to bear one another’s burdens?

Carrying Your Burden

The last few years have been a struggle my friend tells me. I am holding on to hope – faith that my future is in His hands and that in the end, it will be okay.

I pray for them as they enter the battles of this life. This is bearing one another’s burdens.

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I cry out to God on their behalf.

Bearing One Another’s Burdens – The Midnight Watch 

The room is inky black and the house is still. There is no sound but the sound of the dog softly breathing at the foot of the bed. But still, there is something. I am awakened by a palpable heaviness and someone’s face comes to my mind and I hit my knees for them. Crying out to the one that loves them more than anyone.

I leave a note, telling them in a short note on social media they are on my heart.

I’ve entered battle with them. This is bearing one another’s burdens.



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Bearing The Burdens Of A Friend


I am losing my mom. A friend and I sit in the waiting room at the hospital in the middle of the night to get a moment – just a moment to breathe. ” I feel like it has been so long since I have laughed. I feel like I have forgotten how to”.

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My tears slowly make a trail down my cheeks. It has been a long two weeks, a very long year, and the long days and night show in the darkness beneath my eyes.  “I don’t think I will ever laugh again,” I tell her breaking the silence in the empty room.  She touches my hand and types a few keys on her computer then switches the computer to face us both.  A comedy from decades past comes on the screen and we sit there silently watching the characters do their skits.  I then, with tears rolling down my cheeks find the elusive laughter and with it tears.

This is bearing one another’s burdens.

We are not meant to be an island – we are called to carry one another’s burdens. We are to lift one another up.

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