Gorgeous farmhouse style brown paper gift wrapping ideas for Christmas

Beautiful Gift Wrapping Ideas For Christmas

It’s that time of year again where we are all shopping for gifts for our loved ones, so we put together a few of our favorite gift wrapping ideas to help you get your Christmas wrapping done. One of my favorite parts of Christmas is decorating each package beautifully, my absolute favorite is using brown paper with stamps or fresh springs of greenery to create a unique look.

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20+ gorgeous gift wrapping ideas to create that cozy Christmas look beneath your tree #rosevinecottagegirls

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Gift Wrapping Ideas With Brown Paper

Brown paper is one of my favorite things to use when wrapping gifts, there are so many ways to change it up and create really unique packages.

gift wrapping ideas brown paper

Simple Brown Paper Gift Wrapping:

Brown paper is a great inexpensive gift wrapping idea, especially if you are like me and not a fan of bright printed paper. For this look, we wrapped a package in a brown paper and then added 5 strands of raffia to one end of the gift, and then taped a fresh piece of greenery to the top of the package.

brown paper gift wrapping ideas


Baker’s Twine Brown Paper Gift Wrapping:

Cut a long piece of bakers twine, twist it around your package until you run out of string. Tie it off and add a sprig of greenery and a candy cane. This is really simple and yet gives your package a beautiful look.

Brown paper gift wrapping ideas


Brown Paper & Cookie Cutter Gift Wrapping:

This look is really similar to the last one except we exchanged the greenery and candy cane for a cinnamon stick and star cookie cutter. This is a great one if your gift is for a foodie.

Unique gift wrapping ideas


Gingerbread Cookie Cutter Brown Paper Gift Wrapping:

This is my favorite brown paper gift wrapping ideas, this is super simple to create and just has that Farmhouse feel we love here at Rosevine Cottage. We used baker’s twine and wrapped it around the gift, strung it through the cookie-cutter then continued wrapping it and tied it in a bow.

Simple gift wrapping ideas


Baker’s Twine & Greenery Gift Wrapping:

Another great way to use baker’s twine in your gift wrapping is creating a pattern like this, two rows along the length of the package and three up the width of the package. Tape a piece of greenery over the intersecting lines.

gift wrapping with ribbon

Baker’s Twine With A Wreath Gift Wrapping Idea:

This is a really simple gift wrapping idea, simple wrap the center of your gift with baker’s twin forming x’s in the center. Add a small wreath to the center and you are done.

Gift Wrapping Ideas For Christmas

Baker’s Twine Bow & Cedar Sprig:

This is a really cute gift wrapping idea for your packages, we used a really long piece of bakers twine that we folded 4-5 times and then wrapped around the gift. Add a piece of greener to the top by sliding the end under the twine.

A quick and easy variation of this look would be to add a candy cane to the top of the package instead of the greenery. This is such a cute gift wrapping idea.

gift wrapping ideas

Looking for a super simple gift wrapping idea? Try adding a simple wreath to the top of your package.

Gift Wrapping Ideas With Ribbon

Gift wrapping with ribbon is a wonderful way to dress up your packages and create a gorgeous look that is as unique as your style.

Gift Wrapping Ideas Ribbon

Red & Cream Ribbon With Greenery Wreath Package:

For a simple and yet classic look, place a wide ribbon over the end of your package and place a small wreath on top. We bought this ribbon at Walmart to go with our Farmhouse look this Christmas

gift wrapping ideas ribbon


Christmas Ribbon  & Brown Paper Gift Wrapping idea:

Another great gift wrapping idea is to wrap a beautiful ribbon around the bottom of your package and then add a simple wreath to the center. We made this out of a spring of greenery from our yard by tying the ends together with raffia.

White Paper & Burlap Ribbon Gift Wrapping Idea:

This is a really simple and yet beautiful look, white paper is our other favorite Christmas paper to work with because you can really do so much for it. For this look, we added a simple bow made of burlap ribbon. Quick simple and yet beautiful.

homemade wrapping paper

Baker’s Twine & Burlap Ribbons:

This is easily one of my favorite gift wrapping looks we did, I love the elegant simplicity of it. For this look, we used homemade wrapping paper, paired with a simple brown and red ribbon over the width of the package and then used the baker’s twine to secure the small wreath to the center of the package going lengthwise. This creates a beautiful layering effect that will look amazing under the tree.

Yarn & Greenery Gift Wrapping Ideas:

This is another really easy to pull of gift wrapping idea, especially if you are short on time. Simple white paper, with yarn wrapped around one end, and a few springs of garland

Yarn With Wreath Gift Wrapping:

This is a variation of the idea above, but instead of the sprig of greenery, we added a small wreath instead. This is a great way to keep symmetry under your tree while keeping each one unique in their own way.

Yarn With A Piece Of Cedar Tree:

Yet another unique variation of this gift wrapping idea, using a piece of cedar tree instead. This is my favorite one of the three.

Homemade Wrapping Paper With Yarn:

This is a great example of keeping your presents resembling each other and yet unique at the same time. For this look, we wrapped string around the end of the package at equal intervals, and then slipped a bit of a cedar tree branch under the string.

Another variation of the package above is to replace the cedar tree piece with a simple green wreath. This is a really simple and elegant look gift wrapping idea for under your tree.

Another variation that creates a beautiful layering effect that will make it stand out from the crowd is to do the same thing with the yarn but this time add a big piece of greenery to the top of your package.

One final variation for this look is to add a piece of a cedar tree and a candy cane to the top for a simple and beautiful look.

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How To Make Christmas Wrapping Paper

Making your own Christmas wrapping paper is a great way to make your packages look beautiful, stay on budget, and keep all your wrapping paper in the same color family while still being unique.

Wondering how to make homemade wrapping paper? It’s easier than you think! The first thing you are going to want is some sort of paper. Butcher’s paper, white paper, newspaper, brown paper, even cellophane can be used to create homemade wrapping paper. Once you have your base medium, use stamps, and ink, glitter, paint, stencils, and even sponges with water to create unique homemade Christmas wrapping paper.

Homemade Wrapping Paper:

For this gift wrapping idea, you will need Baker’s twine, greenery, white paint, and a pencil with an eraser.  Wrap your package, and then pour a bit of paint into a plastic cup. Use the eraser end of your pencil into the paint, dot the paper until you have gotten your desired look. Once your homemade wrapping paper has dried wrap baker’s twine around your package and slip a piece of greenery under the twine.

Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas For Christmas

Is gift wrapping something you always struggle with? Maybe you’ve always wanted to create those beautiful packages you see in pictures on Pinterest but never knew how. Well, now you do! Let your creativity loose, mix and match ideas, and create beautiful Christmas gifts for under the tree.

So what do you think of these gift-wrapping ideas? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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