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The sun has gone to rest behind the hills and the sky is all dark with the remnants of pink and purple staining the sky as I walk down the hallway from the bathroom.

The knees of my pants are wet from the children’s baths.

The baby was messy but easy
It made him so sleepy
I slipped him into the bassinet and his eyes drooped shut.
But the toddler didn’t want it to end and cried as we put away the bath toys.
Bath time is an event for him.

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I walked in his room as I could hear the soft hum of voices drifting down the hallway.
He lay in his crib and held his sister’s hand as she lay on his floor
and read to him his favorite sweet bedtime story.
I stood silently in the doorway and watched the moment
caught forever in time in my memory.
He is stroking her hand and saying mine so sweetly.

She closes the book and sings to him his favorite song… he calls it “bible – bible” in a sweet sing song voice.

It is ‘Jesus Loves Me’, but those are the only words he can say.
He is a foster son and can only speak a couple of words
but this he has learned while here…

Oh, follow Him…
May these children follow Him.

May they trust in Him
and see that He is good.

Bible Bible! The sun has gone to rest behind the hills and the sky is all dark #mothersday #mother

— RosevineCottageGirls (@RoseCottageGirl) May 6, 2017

Help me to  remember in the thick of the day
when it feels like the household is in the middle of a war
with Leggo mine fields and emotional crying fits.
When I feel that I just cannot keep up.
When I sit on that blob of jelly on my just washed couch cover.
When I feel like I will never get the kitchen clean.
When the laundry pile never seems to go down.
Remind me Lord of these precious moments.
Remind me what it is all about.
Remind me of what really matters.

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Read Matthew 19:14 today

Reflect on His words as you go through the day.

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