Bledsoe Park

Middle Tennessee is full of great places to explore, things to see and wonderful opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Bledsoe Park in Sumner County is one of those places.


This park has 57 campsites if you are wanting to stay more than an afternoon and boat ramps to put your boat or other watercraft in the water and have some fun.



If hiking is your interest there are over six miles of hiking trails for you to explore. This lets you get to know the park up close and personal.  One of the trails is paved all the way through so it is great if you have a wheelchair or stroller.

There are picnic tables around if you want to just come for the afternoon and enjoy nature and your family.

Bledsoe Park was once hunting grounds for several native tribes.  There are several historical sites just a few minutes from this park that would be great for homeschool families and the history lover. We will put links to the ones we have been to at the end of this post.

The park is 169 acres and Old Hickory Lake can be enjoyed from inside the park. There is a playground for children along the way to the campsites.

This park seemed mostly set up for campers as there are lots of campsites along the road. It has white-tailed deer, wild turkey, bobcat, beaver, muskrat, bald and golden eagles at the park. The lake is stocked with bluegill, crappie, bass and

We didn’t see many non-camping picnic benches so we stopped by the boat ramps to set up for our lunch.  We are on a journey to live life, to enjoy one another and to experience joy.

This was a good day.

Full of laughter and we made great memories.

It was good to have Mr. Cottage home from work for a change.  We enjoyed every minute of it.

Anyway, we didn’t walk the full 6 miles of the trail the time that we were there. Next time we will finish the trail and show you more of the beautiful park.

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Hope you enjoyed the trip to Bledsoe Park.  Check out these other posts and see what else there is in Sumner County for you to enjoy.
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