Bledsoe’s Fort 8th Annual Colonial Fair

A few weeks ago we went to Bledsoe’s Fort Colonial Fair. It was a beautiful day to go! Not too hot or too chilly. You never know what the first weekend of May is going to be like. We had a great time!

It’s a great place to go as a family especially if you have young kids, you never know what you will learn. This guy was telling about weaving in the colonial times. It was really interesting.


They teach about making cloth, being and indentured servant in the colonial time.  The booth has a gentleman that speaks of what they make the cloth of and shows how to make it on a huge loom.  He is really good with old and young alike at teaching and does so in an entertaining way.


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I love this house, its one of three on the property.

The tradesfolk and re-enactors stay on the premises.  They are very good with children and will gladly show them the way that people lived, tell them stories, etc.  It is a great way to learn about the founding of our country.

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And of course, you can’t have a fair without shops! There were so many neat things for sale from clothing, hats, quill & ink, to jewelry, journals, small toys for children and fabric and so much more.

Throughout the day, they had “magic” shows, and singers singing songs from the time period.

There are trails to walk and explore.  This is part of the Avery Trace, a trail blazed many years ago when it was little more than a Native American buffalo trail.
 Our 5x great -Grandfather was involved in having the government make this trail a safer and wider pathway to the forts here in the West from What is now Knox County, TN to this place that was Fort Bledsoe, and other local forts like Mansker’s Station (which actually rebuilt their colonial fort and it is open for tours), Fort Nashboro (Nashville, TN) etc.
 Our other GGGGG-grandpa and his son were circuit preachers and traveled these trails on foot and on a donkey and would visit the colonial homes and churches along the way and preach.  At this time here they would not have a church service every Sunday but maybe once a month or so.  It was a hard life for these pastors.
Here is yet another early cabin in the park for you to tour and the people inside answer questions and teach.  The children really love this.


I love these large porches.  We sat here in the shade and listened to the stories of some of the re-enactors and had a great time.  The children were so funny to listen to and they were having a great time.
All in all it was a very good day.  A day of laughter and learning.
This is a small colonial fair but it is a good time. There are food and drinks for sale, they offer outdoor restrooms for the public. It is a wide open place with lots of trees for resting out of the sun. The people are friendly and it is very family oriented. We recommend it highly.

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