Bold Enough Challenge Rodeo

Presenting The Flag.

Last night Mr.Cottage took us to a rodeo that was performing near us. I’ve not been to a lot of rodeos (actually this is my second, the first time was at church) but we had a great time and really enjoyed it. They started with the National anthem, a salute to all branches of the military, and a prayer before the rodeo started. It was so neat to see them honor all the vets there and God. The weather was absolutely beautiful especially for July in Tennessee, which only made the night even better. All in all it was a wonderful night right down to the hot dogs. My only regret is that is got too dark to photograph the barrel racing, team roping or bull riding and that Mrs. Cottage and Grandma Cottage couldn’t make it. I can’t wait until next year!


Salute to the United States Army & Marines
Salute to the United States Navy and Air force
Bronco Riding



Bronco Riding
Marshal The Rodeo Clown
How can you have a rodeo with out a clown?

It was so cute to watch all the little kids sit around the edge of the arena to watch the Cowboys and Cowgirls and cheering on there favorites.

Sunset Last Night
Sunset Last Night


I got tons of photos last night but these were some of my favorites. Hope you like them. This is the super moon last night.
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