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Jackie Robinson – 42 Faith Review

Today we are looking at a book The rest of the Jackie Robinson Story, 42 Faith by Ed Henry

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42 Faith The Rest of the Jackie Robinson Story

When it comes to sports loving, then there is pretty much only me. Recently we heard about a book and agreed to read it and do a review on the blog about it. I was super excited to have the opportunity and hoped it was all I expected it to be.

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Jackie Robinson

Almost everyone that knows about sports, especially baseball knows about the story of number 42, Jackie Robinson.


42 Faith

There have been several books about Jackie Robinson and even movies about his life. The movie 42  that came out in 2013 (I cannot recommend this movie to you because of language including G-D and content for more information see the review of the movie by Plugged In Movie Reviews here).
The movie shows you what Jackie Robinson went through as a baseball player and a man when Mr. Rickey gave him the opportunity to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  I thought I knew his story well, but I didn’t

The Girls told me about this new book 42 Faith and said they had been talking to the publisher and asked if I was interested in reviewing the book. OH YEAH!!! I jumped at the chance! This book is called ‘42 Faith, The Rest Of The Jackie Robinson Story’, by Ed Henry.

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The book tells you about another side of Jackie’s story, a story about not only Mr. Robinson’s amazing character but about the faith that these two men had and how it shaped their lives and touched the world around them.

This book touched me, inspired me, moved me to be more and do more. It is an amazing read and I learned several things about both men that I didn’t know before. I enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it.

So, a great big thanks to Mr. Henry for sharing the lives and faith of these amazing men and thank you to Harper Collins for the wonderful opportunity to meet these giants of faith.

Check out this book and then let me know what you think.  It would be great to hear from you!

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