Downpour Learning From Life’s Storms

Downpour Learning From Life's storms is a 30 day devotional for the Christian facing a storm, diving into some well-known- and not so known Bible stories as they face their own storms, breathing life into Biblical characters to find hope and truth in the midst of your own storm as we allow God to use the storm as a tool in our lives.

Downpour Learning From Life’s Storms is for the Christian hanging on by a thread, desperate to find God in the storm. Whether you are a veteran at weathering storms, or this is your first one, you’ll find hope and the strength to keep the faith through Biblical encouragement.


Discovering That He Is God In The Storm: Downpour Learning From Life’s Storms


Downpour Learning From Life’s storms is a 30 day devotional for the Christian facing a storm, diving into some well-known- and not so known Bible stories as they face their own storms, breathing life into Biblical characters to find hope and truth in the midst of your own storm as we allow God to use the storm as a tool in our lives.


From Jacob in the Old Testament to Zacchaeus in the New Testament journey through the pages of scripture and get to know them like never before. Over this 30-day journey through Downpour, we’ll strip back the fluff and well-meaning sentiment to find the lessons, and hope we so desperately need in the midst of our storm and apply them to your own life through journaling prompts and prayer.


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What To Expect From Downpour: Learning From Life’s Storms


In Downpour Learning From Life’s Storms you’ll find the truth to face your storm, and allow God to use it as a tool instead of letting it break you.


This book isn’t a read once a then put it on a shelf, it’s meant to be a life preserver in the midst of your stormy seasons. It shouldn’t be pristine, but dog-eared, tear-stained, highlighted, and highlighted again. It should have notes in the margin and coffee smears. Its covers should be bent out of shape from being held open for so long, and automatically fall open to your favorite section. It shouldn’t be the book you read once, but over and over again when you:

  • are struggling to keep the faith.
  • are trying to trust God in difficult times.
  • wondering if He is still God in the storm.
  • wondering the purpose of spiritual storms.
  • struggling to keep going because life is hard.
  • need to know where God is when life is overwhelming.
  • when you are engulfed in flames.
  • when you need to know that you aren’t forgotten, abandoned, or lost in the storm.



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Why Downpour Learning From Life’s Storms?


Have you ever wondered where God was when life is hard? Downpour Learning From Life’s Storms helps you answer that, by looking at the lives of Biblical figures in a fresh new way as they experience storms of their own and through the hard places in the author’s life as we uncover:

  • How God uses our storms.
  • God has not abandoned us when life is hard.
  • How to cling to God in the middle of the storms we are experiencing and keep the faith.
  • That He is God over the storms.
  • That no matter how dark it seems, you are not forgotten, lost, or invisible to God.
  • That God is the master of the wind and the wave even at your darkest most broken moment, when the world is crumbling around you, you are firmly held in God’s hand.
  • And God will use the storm as a tool to teach, heal, restore, and redeem.



Downpour: Learning From Life’s Storms offers a chance to pull back the spiritual curtain and see the storm for what it is and decide who gets to use it. 


What People Are Saying About Downpour: Learning From Life’s Storms


Truly, “Downpour: Learning from Life’s Storms” by Cheyenne Hasty is a marvelously uplifting 30-day devotional that gets to the heart of what it means to know God is there, helping us navigate the storms in our life. This young author speaks age old wisdom to those dealing with today’s modern struggles and to those who love a little inspiration to start their morning! I’m so impressed with her debut and bought multiple copies, they are the perfect gift of encouragement! ~ Award-Winning Author Kate Breslin 


Its encouraging, inspiring, and filled with hope! ~ Miranda Rejoice


I’m finding it so inspirational. ~ Tammy Johnston


The Biblical references that match current day situations are perfect! ~ Tra Cie


This season of life has been so tough for our family. My husband lost another job. Our daughter was diagnosed with Autism. It’s tough to hold onto your faith when the whole World is shifting around you and the storm just keeps coming. When I began reading ‘Downpour’ I immediately wanted to open the Bible to each passage discussed. This is a great companion when you go through the storms of life. The book reminded me we all struggle but God is faithful throughout the struggle! I recommend you read it with your Bible and a journal in hand! ~Tiffany At Hope Joy In Christ


This is a beautifully written book. Every word will speak peace to your heart. This book is full of inspiration that I find myself quoting during dark times. This is not your average devotional, this is a life changing work of art that every person should read. ~ Amazon Customer


This is a MUST READ. I came across this during one of the most painfully hard times in my life, and it was like God was speaking to me personally through this book. Life changing! ~ Jessie Synan


If you are looking for a devotional to help you through the life’s storms, then I highly recommend this book.
It reaches you right where you are. It is the perfect remedy for these troubled and uncertain times.
It gives you a daily tidbit to ponder each day and allows you to do some real soul searching.

You won’t be sorry that you bought this book. Pick one up for a friend that you know that could use encouragement. They will thank you for it. ~ William H.


If we ever needed a devotional that addressed the stormy season we’re in, this is it. Author and blogger Cheyenne Hasty has poured heartfelt insight and words that will uplift, into this 30 Day Devotional and I cannot recommend it enough. This will be my favorite book to gift to others this year, hands down! Read more of this review ~ Christine Duncan


This book was amazing, awakening, eye, and heart-opening! Must read and must buy for every member in your family! It’s not another regular religious book it’s a book for every reader. I enjoyed this book so much. I can’t believe this book is the price that it is. Whatever you are going through in your life right now this book will speak to you and about you! Go buy it now! ~ Rachel O.


An amazing book! Well written and beautifully put together. Full of inspiration and encouragement for times in hardship. May you be blessed through it! ~ Brianna H.


This is a daily devotional but I couldn’t put it down. Inspiring to say the least. An awesome uplifting spiritual experience about navigating through life’s storms. ~Sandra


Uplifting message in these troubling times. ~ Embracing Me


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