Brooder Heat Lamp: Everything You Need To Know About Keeping Chicks Warm

What is a brooder heat lamp? Do you need one? Are they dangerous? Don’t worry, we are going to cover everything you need to know about this aspect of raising chicks and give you the information you need to raise healthy chicks. 

Creating a warm and nurturing environment for young chicks is essential for their health and development, and a brooder heat source plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. Brooder lights can provide the necessary heat to keep chicks comfortable and thriving during their early days. 

By simulating the warmth of a mother hen in the chick brooders, these lights help regulate the chicks’ body temperature and encourage healthy growth.

What Is A Brooder Heat Lamp?

What are brooder lamps? A Brooder heat lamp (also called a chick heat lamp) is a lamp that is used in chicken brooders to provide supplemental heat to keep baby chickens, ducks, or other poultry and waterfowl warm when they are small. Some people use special infrared heat lamps in their brooder while others use regular (non-LED) fluorescent bulbs to provide a temporary heat source for their baby chicks.  

Why Do You Need A Chick Heat Lamp?

Chicks especially need to be nice and warm when they are small and are susceptible to cold temperatures and drafts. Keeping a chick heat lamp in your brooder helps to ensure that you are raising happy, healthy birds. New to keeping chicks? Here’s how to take care of chicks.

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chick and heat lamps | Brooder Heat Lamp: Dangerous? Or Necessity? Everything you need to know about keeping your chicks warm.

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Will Chickens Die Without A Brooder Heat Lamp

A full-grown chicken typically will not need a heat lamp, however, chicks are a different story. Chicks need to be in a warm brooder with a source of heat to keep them happy and healthy. 

Where Can You Buy A Brooder Heat Lamp?

You can find a chick heat lamp at your local feed store like Tractor Supply, Farmer’s CO-OP, or even on Amazon.

The Dangers Of Using A Brooder Heat Lamp

If you’ve been around chicken people for any amount of time you’ve probably heard someone say not to use brooder heat lamps in your brooder. But why should you or shouldn’t you use a chick heat lamp in your brooder?

Heat Lamp For Chickens Burning

There have been tons of stories about a heat lamp falling and starting a fire. Because heat lamps can easily come unattached from the clamp holding them up they are prone to starting fires. They are also easily knocked down or into a flammable object.

If you do choose to use a brooder heat lamp make sure you are attaching it securely (you may want to use several methods for securing your light to ensure that one way doesn’t fail) and high enough that it won’t burn any bedding or chicks in your brooder.


Alternatives For Brooder Heat Lamps

If a brooder heat lamp just isn’t right for you, there are other options that you can use. Don’t feel like a heat lamp is the only option for your brooder.

Ceramic Heat Element

Another wonderful chick heat lamp alternative is a ceramic heat element, my friend Michelle from Butterfly Mourn Farm introduced me to this method of providing heat for my brooder and I am a huge fan. You just use the ceramic heat element in the brooder lamp instead of a heat lamp bulb. 

  • A ceramic heat emitter is a radiant heat source that creates natural sunlike heat with a uniform pattern.
  • A ceramic heat element doesn’t give off light which won’t disturb your bird’s natural day/night rhythm. 
  • A ceramic heat emitter will also increase the ambient air temperature in your brooder.
  • You will still need to be careful it doesn’t fall on your chicks or into the bedding.
  • Use a porcelain socket with this ceramic heat emitter, other sockets can’t handle the heat it puts out. 

Chick Heat Plate

Another excellent option is a chick heat plate like this one from ChickCozy:

  • A heated plate for chickens can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • It can be mounted vertically or horizontally in your brooder. 
  • They have low power consumption, 25 watts plus no bulbs or lamps to replace.

Have a question about a brooder heat lamp? Drop it in the comments and we will do our best to answer them!

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