Butterfly-Morn Farm

Mr. Cottage, Brianna and I are headed over to our friends over at Butterfly-Morn Farm today for a visit. Brrrrrrrrr it is COLD out there. We are under a winter storm advisory and they are saying we could get up to a 10″ of snow. This town is not used to that kind of snow so we are a bit concerned.  


Oh, her newborn goats are so precious!  We were able to hold them and it took all of me to not wrap them in my jacket and take them home (just kidding Michell). There is a little pen with a heater and when we walked into the barn they all started sweetly calling to us and trying to climb the pen to get to us.  We went up to them and they were just the smallest sweetest things you have ever seen.  When I picked one up it nuzzled my face and started sucking on my chin.  It is so sweet.

One proud mama!
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