Fluffy Pancakes. Super Fluffy Pancakes, The Best Pancakes, by Rosevine Cottage Girls

Fluffy Pancakes

These delicious fluffy pancakes have been made at the cottage as long as I can remember. The girls always loved them so much and Brianna always wanted me to try to make them really small. “Make baby ones momma!”, she would say. So I would test my skills on making teeny tiny super fluffy pancakes …

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A white plate sitting on a white table and background with a stac of six amazing pancakes. This is a recipe for pancakes by

Classic Pancakes Recipe

There is nothing like a stack of amazing pancakes in the morning, the smell of warm maple syrup on the back burner and the smoky smell of bacon on the griddle. Coffee brewing, its aroma wafting through the house. It is the taste and smell of home and there is nothing like walking in the door and having them envelope you.  These are more traditional thinner pancakes, but it is still oh-so good and it will hearken back to the days gone by, with a recipe like grandma used to make.

Breakfast Calzone, Breakfast Calzone Recipe, by rosevine cottage girls

Breakfast Calzone

  This is breakfast calzone was a dish that Cheyenne came up with to make a jazzed-up breakfast for our family. It is so good and makes for an easy yet hearty morning meal. Great for a sit-down breakfast or something to just grab and go breakfast as you walk out the door. This is …

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