How to give back to God at Christmas #rosevinecottagegirls

Giving To God: The Empty Christmas Stocking

Every Christmas morning from the time I was very small to now, my sister and I would clatter (we’re a bit more graceful now) down the stairs in our Christmas Eve pajamas and scurry into the living room to open our stockings. They have always been my favorite I think because my parents loaded them with delicious goodies like cheese crackers and carob covered raisins.

Six Classic Christmas Treats Title page Text with Christmas tree limbs and ornaments around the edges

6 Classic Christmas Treats For The Family

Christmas Treats are a great way to spread the Christmas Cheer without breaking the bank. They can let your friends, neighbors and family know that you are thinking of them and are a great way of letting those around you that you appreciate them and their hard work. Add a Christmas card or a nice handwritten note to tell them Merry Christmas.

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