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Man with arms spread at sunset | A Powerful Takeaway From When Jesus Heals A Leper

A Powerful Takeaway From When Jesus Heals A Leper

There is no shame in returning empty, but don’t stay there. So often we allow the pain of “empty” to drive a wedge between God and us. We let it drive us behind a self-imposed wall in a useless attempt to hide from the pain, the questions, the shattered places to keep you from your savior’s arms. We allow it to become an excuse for staying locked behind solid walls. Plug back into Him, and fill back up. Let God pour over your bruised soul like a soothing balm.

Desert oasis | Waiting With God | A Look At The Israelites Complaining In The Wilderness

Waiting With God | A Look At The Israelites Complaining In The Wilderness

It’s hard to recognize the importance of something in the midst of the season we’re walking through. It’s hard to see the reason we had to journey through some of the places we’ve been to. Sometimes we find ourselves like the Israelites, wandering around the desert and the promised land seems so far away.  Day after grueling day they trekked on for forty years before they came to the place they had been promised.

woman reading the bible

An Important Lesson From David And Saul In The Cave Of Of Adullam

It’s easy to honor our friends, to be kind to those who are nice to us… but when a family member or friend lashes out and tries to destroy us it suddenly becomes a very different story. This is where we find David in 1st Samuel. This is our David, the boy that fought the giant Goliath and won. The shepherd boy anointed a king. David, the harpist called to sooth Saul in his most tortured hours. The boy who became like a brother to Saul’s own son and given the hand of his daughter in marriage because of his amazing victory in battle.

A Lesson In Following God From Joshua In The Bible

The Israelites have been wandering in the desert for 40 years, Moses has died and now Joshua is leading the people. As we reach Joshua 2, Joshua is sending two spies to look over the land but especially Jericho. It’s not all that different from Moses’s entrance plan – except for one key detail, my bible says that he sent them secretly. He didn’t

Adult hand holding a child's hand on a Bible | Holding On To God's Promises

Holding On To God’s Promises | A Look At The Israelites Not Entering The Promise Land

The Israelites are way into their desert journey toward the promised lands, they’ve faced battles, and witnessed His provision, and have seen the glory of God come to rest on Mount Sinai in Exodus 24. They’ve got some experience under their belt, so it’s little surprise when God gives the word to move on and enter the promised land. I picture a scene from the end of Wagon Train episodes where the wagon master tells them to “Load ’em up and move’em out”… can you tell I watch a lot of old westerns?

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