Foster Care

Our foster care journey, and Christian encouragement for foster parents.

Man with arms spread at sunset | A Powerful Takeaway From When Jesus Heals A Leper

A Powerful Takeaway From When Jesus Heals A Leper

There is no shame in returning empty, but don’t stay there. So often we allow the pain of “empty” to drive a wedge between God and us. We let it drive us behind a self-imposed wall in a useless attempt to hide from the pain, the questions, the shattered places to keep you from your savior’s arms. We allow it to become an excuse for staying locked behind solid walls. Plug back into Him, and fill back up. Let God pour over your bruised soul like a soothing balm.

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The sun has gone to rest behind the hills and the sky is all dark with the remnants of pink and purple staining the sky as I walk down the hallway from the bathroom. The knees of my pants are wet from the children’s baths. The baby was messy but easy It made him so …

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Keeping the faith, when life hurts, Keeping the faith in the hard times, remaining faithful by rosevine cottage girls

Keeping The Faith When Life Hurts

Keep The Faith Keeping The Faith– even when it hurts.  Faith. Faith, it’s such a simple sounding word. Just five simple letters. Believe it or not, it’s our dog’s name. She is our constant reminder to keep having Faith. No matter how dark, ugly, scary or hopeless. But what about when you don’t want to have Faith? When your heart has been broken so badly that all you want to do is give up and walk away? Walking By Faith For we walk by faith, not by sight [living our lives in a manner consistent with our confident …

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Broken Dreams

Yesterday we received a package from my cousin Brittany. She had packed it full of little clothes and big dreams tucked beside newborn diapers, little socks and shoes that belonged to my little cousin Carter. My heart broke again as I imagined a different ending for that day back in September. I imagined Carter wearing …

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Sweet Dreams

  Sweet dreams… For most people my age, when you have a dream people pat you and say, “Well that is a nice dream honey” but that is not what happened in my family. I had this amazing dream for my future, our future and they were excited about it. We prayed about it and …

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