Photo of a grassy area by a lake. There are large full trees around the shore and a picnic bench. The text says Visiting Bledsoe Park Sumner County Tennessee by rosevinecottagegirls.com

Bledsoe Park

Middle Tennessee is full of great places to explore, things to see and wonderful opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Bledsoe Park in Sumner County is one of those places.

Cummins Falls is a gorgeous natural waterfall in NE Tennessee. It is a beautiful place to hike and enjoy the peaceful sound of the flowing walls over the rock wall and falling to the plunge pool below. Hike to the overlook or down to the plunge pool to enjoy the cool mountain water.

Cummins Falls

  Cummins Falls – The History   Cummins Falls was a place where the buffalo would roam. The Native Americans that called this area home would track them to the shores of the river where they would gather in the shallows to get relief from the heat wallowing there.  The American Revolution raged in America …

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