Photo of the Historic Cragfont Mansion in Castilian Springs Tennessee It is a two story home made with creamy brick. There are four windows on the bottom and five windows on the top and each one has a pair of green shutters. The roof is made of a green metal and there are chimneys extending beyond the roof on the right and left of the house. In four places on the face of the house between the upper and lower windows are what looks like green stars but they are giant bolts that run through the whole house and keep the house in plumb. There is a stacked stone fence in the front of the house and a double gate that is just off center of the door. The door is also green the color of the shutters with a transome window over it. This is from an article by about the house.

The Beautiful Cragfont Historic Home

  Cragfont – A Place To Share   Whenever family or friends from out of town come for a visit we take them to visit some of the amazing historical places around us, Cragfont historic home happens to be one of our favorites!        Cragfont – A Place In The History Of Our …

The Beautiful Cragfont Historic Home