Charades – When The World Says You’re Fake

She is fake, isn’t she? Well, she knows all the right words- she shows up every Sunday. Look at her all dressed up and a perfect makeup job. She tells everyone hello, hugs a few necks and finds her seat… But it is a charade, isn’t it?

When They Think You’re Fake

Does she see those looks? Hear those whispered words? Does she notice the falseness in the smiles? The slight hush when she walks in? The way they catch their breath when they see her? Does she realize she’s not welcome here? Do they know they think her salvation is fake?

She sits a few rows up – the one they think is the bad girl. The sinner, in a house full of Masked Sinners. No arms welcome her to this place. Just haughty expressions and blind eyes- only finger stopped ears.

How many time has it been this way before? How many times has she longed for acceptance. For God to love her like these white washed terrifying creatures? For him to watch over her. To be one of His children.

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When They Judge You As Unjustly

The pastor steps to the pulpit – she bows her head and everyone whispers, she’s a fake, its just a charade – They wait and watch for that mask to slip away – But they can’t hear the words her heart cries… the tears of a broken heart poured out at the foot of a weathered old cross.

Do they realize that their sins nailed Him to that cross as well? The pastor delivers his sermon loud and clear. Does she notice he is staring at her while delivering his message. Does she buy the lies whispered to her heart that she will never be good enough for God?

Charades When the world says you are a fake by Rosevine Cottage Girls

She slips from her seat and silently makes her way out of those sacred walls. There goes that sinner. Does she hear the soft sigh as the door clicks shut?

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When You Think No One Wants You

Oh darling, don’t you know? He wants to save you, to carry you – those creatures in their white washed shells, the perfect faux lives may not accept you. They may throw stones, but they’ve forgotten the words of the very one they claim to serve. He who has no sin, cast the first stone. They may not accept you- but many did not accept Him…

They forgot that when they point out your own sin they have skeletons in their own closet. While a finger may point at you but four more fingers point at their own hearts. They’ve forgotten that He died for the sick & broken and not the well.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life,” John 3:16 KJV

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