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Is A Chicken Coop Heater Right For You?

A chicken coop heater can be an effective pieces of equipment for any backyard chicken keeper who resides in colder climates. As the temperature drops, a chicken coop heater helps maintain a consistent temperature.

With numerous options available in the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. In this article, we will explore what you should look for when choosing a chicken coop heater, so you can select the right one for your flock.

Chicken Coop Heater

A chicken coop heater is designed to help keep your chickens warm in the coldest months of the year. They can help you regulate your coop temperature and keep your chickens warm. If you have specialty birds or birds with special needs this can be very helpful. Chicken coop heaters are specially designed to provide supplemental heat in a small and enclosed space. 

Chicken coop heaters can also replace dangerous heat lamps in your coop, I’ve seen many people who have lost their birds and coop due to heat lamp fires. 

Do you need to heat your coop?

As a chicken keeper, at the end of the day, it’s going to be your choice whether you feel like you should add a chicken coop heater for cold winter nights to your coop. But it’s a subject many chicken owners feel very strongly about. If you live in a very warm climate, and don’t get harsh winters, or have very cold-hardy breeds it’s probably not going to be necessary for your situation. 

However, if you live in a place that does get very cold winters, or have specialty breeds that aren’t cold-hardy they may need a little help keeping their body temperatures up on cold nights or during cold weather in general. 

Things To Consider When Choosing A Chicken Coop Heater

Some key features that you may want to keep in mind when choosing a chicken coop heater would be safety features, design, heating capabilities, energy consumption, and ease of installation. These things are all important features and will help you decide on a safe heater option. 

  •  Safety First: 

A chicken coop heater should automatically turn off after a certain amount of time. This is a great feature to keep your chicken coop from getting too warm and becoming dangerous and turning into a fire hazard. 

  • Temperature Control

Some chicken coop heaters perform at one heat level that cannot be adjusted, others have a switch to a warm and warmer heat level which can make it more suitable for a variety of climates and coops. This makes it easy for you to adjust the heat to a comfortable level for the chickens.

  • Easy Installation 

Chicken Coop Heaters with complex instructions run the risk of being incorrectly installed and therefore not working correctly. As a general rule, it is best to choose a chicken coop heater with easy and simple installation instructions. This way you can be certain the heater is set up and working properly.

  • Heating Capability

How a chicken coop heater heats is also very important. Inexpensive 250-watt infrared heat bulbs you find in any feed store or retail outlet are very dangerous. around your coop. They can put out 435°+ temperatures, making heat lamps especially risky in chicken coops (and even brooders) because of the bedding and dust. 

Meanwhile, heated panels AKA a flat-panel poultry coop heater are a safer option and use less energy. Instead of trying to heat the entire coop, they provide a little extra heat when the birds are in very close proximity to the heater. This provides enough heat to help your chickens stay warm on cold days, while still allowing your birds to acclimate to the colder weather outdoors while providing potentially life-saving warmth during especially cold snaps.

Chicken coop heater in a coop

Chickcozy Chicken Coop Heaters

The newest version of the Chickcozy Chicken Coop Heater (2.0) features two easy ways to install it, along with great built-in safety features, including an anti-tipping design. This feature is part of the factory default setting. The product will stop working, thus preventing a fire if the panel tips over or tilts to a 180° angle. 

Unlike heat lamps, which can be a fire hazard if they come into contact with flammable materials, these coop heaters have built-in safety features that reduce the risk of fire. They are designed to turn off automatically if tilted past a certain degree.

The Chickcozy coop heater is easy to assemble, and install. It’s also very easy to move it should you need to.

This chicken coop heater can be used either wall-mounted in your chicken coop or free-standing using the enclosed feet to hold the coop heater upright. 

It’s also equipped with a screen that showcases all your heat settings, so you can easily fine-tune the temperature according to your bird’s needs. This makes it easy to adjust the heat as needed to create a more comfortable temperature for your flock. 

The radiant heating technology of the heated panel has a temperature adjustment range of 122~191℉/(50~88℃). These coop heaters provide radiant heat which can help prevent frostbite, as the surface temperature of the coop heater is kept at a comfortable and safe source of heat for chickens to touch.

These Chickcozy chicken coop heaters also come with an off switch, along with a remote and a convenient cord length for plugging it into a wall or extension cord.

The 2.0 coop heater will help you save on energy costs (87% energy saving in comparison to a 1500W heat lamp) while efficiently maintaining a comfortable environment for your chickens making that a big win for you as chicken keepers. 

Item dimensions: 15.8” * 12.6‘’. Remote control effective distance 32 ft. 

Chickcozy Chicken Coop Heater Review

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We installed our Chickcozy chicken coop heater in just a few minutes by attaching it to the wall with the included hardware and had it hooked up in just seconds. We love how adjustable it is when it comes to heat settings and the built-in safety features to keep our flock safe and minimize fire hazards when outside temps are not as comfortable for our flock. It’s very easy to use and features multiple ways to adjust and control (plus turn off) the chicken coop heater.

We really love that it’s safe for the birds to touch, and it’s not trying to heat the entire room. After a particularly nasty winter storm last year, several of our birds were struggling to keep their body heat up after the ducks had been a little too splashy in the water dish and gotten them wet. It’s a relief to know we have a good solution, and I know that this is the best chicken coop heater for my needs and my flock. 


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