Christmas at the Cottage | photo of pretty packages wrapped up on a white blanket and white christmas lights on a string wound between them |

Christmas At The Cottage

Christmas At The Cottage

It’s Christmas at the Cottage.

Silent night- as darkness falls there is a glimmer of little lights that add cheer to the darkness.

There is a chill in the air but they add warmth.

The sound of carols being sung is in the air.

The smell of wood burning in a fireplace keeping a family warm.

Joyful talking and laughing drift past.
Christmas at the cottage | A cottage at night with white christmas light in the bushes and the porch with windows lit from within. |

It is Christmas time again, family and friends gather around the hearth.


Pause and remember the babe in the manger
The savior that hung on the cross to set us free.

To remember to love our neighbors and share the good news.


May you experience His love and blessings anew.
May you walk ever closer to Him this year. May you have overflowing love and joy. Merry Christmas friends
May not only your stockings overflow but your hearts as well.


God bless you, friends.


Merry Christmas, from our home to yours.
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