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Cottage Charm Part 3 – Excuse Me

We’ve been in our Cottage Charm series and today we are talking about the phrase “excuse me”. 


What does excuse me mean?


It is the act of excusing or apologizing


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When would I Say Excuse Me?


Excuse Me – When I Must Put You Out


No, I’m not shouting, and no I’m not angry. It’s time for our next charm class! Use the phrase “Excuse me before you do something that will inconvenience a person.


Let’s say I need to pass you in the narrow hallway but you are in front of me engaged in a conversation with another person. Certainly, then I would get your attention by saying “Excuse Me and after you let me pass I would say “I’m sorry” because I have inconvenienced you by interrupting your conversation.


You need to talk to your friend but they are talking to someone else. The polite thing to do is to wait your turn but if it is urgent you wait for a pause in the conversation and say “excuse me” and “I’m sorry to interrupt”. Then proceed with what you need to tell them.


You use this at a theater, ballpark, the city bus, an airplane or other places where you need to pass a person or group of people, and to squeeze past them will inconvenience them slightly. They will need to stand, or pull in their legs, to move their purse or maybe their diaper bag so I stop and sayExcuse me, or “Pardon me” but if I accidentally step on your toe or knock books out of your arms while passing I say “I am sorry,”. Help them get back what we knocked down by bending down to pick it back up for them if possible.


Moms and dads let’s use this to speak to our children too, not just require it of them.


What To Say When I Simply Can’t Hear You


Someone is talking to you across the room or there is a lot of noise in the room. You know they are talking to you but you just can’t hear what they are saying.  Use “Excuse me” due to the fact that you have not heard what someone has said and you need it repeated. You say “Excuse me, could you repeat that?”

Never say “huh?”  It is not good manners.  

Similarly, you could also use “I beg your pardon,” here. I beg your pardon, I did not hear you. 




I beg your pardon shouldn’t be used as a come back to something your child has said that is rude or shocking.


I beg your pardon is literally begging for forgiveness. In this case for putting someone out by having to repeat what they have already said.


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Is It Excuse Me Or Excuse Me Please?


You would want to say, “Excuse me, please.” 


Is Excuse Me An Apology?


It is a form of an apology for bumping into a person or putting them out.  


Is Excuse Me A Sentence?


Excuse me would be used in a sentence but is not itself a sentence. 

  • Such as, “Excuse me, I need to take this call.” 
  • Excuse me, I need to pass you.”
  • Excuse me, but I really need to leave.”
  • Excuse me, I’m so sorry I bumped into you.”





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