Cottage Charm Part 7 Taking A Compliment


Compliment, an expression of civility, respect, or regard.  To praise, to flatter by expressions of esteem or respect. (Webster’s 1828 dictionary. 

Do you know how to go about taking a compliment?

Are you like Violet from ‘Its A Wonderful Life’? “This old thing? I only wear it when I don’t care how I look.”

Look around you and listen, children and adults alike stumble and falter when complimented on anything from a new haircut to that dinner you know they took all afternoon preparing. Why is that? Why is it so hard to just say what we ought to?


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What Is The Difference Between Complement and A Compliment?

Complement has to do with completion and compliment is kind words or flattery.


How To Receive A Compliment

When someone tells us that your outfit is pretty we don’t need to tell them it is a hand-me-down from our cousin Claire, or that we found it at a yard sale for 50 cents. (Only tell them where you got it if they ask. But there is no need to go into great detail as to where. You could simply say “It was a gift” or “it caught my eye at a yard sale”.) They don’t want us to explain all the reasons it’s not pretty or that we think it makes our hips look big. We need to just say “Thank you”


How To Gracefully Receive A Compliment 


When I go to church everyone says I look like one of the latest Disney princesses because of my long braided hair. I found myself uncomfortable, but we need to fight that and just graciously say “Thank you”. Maybe God is using others to bless us. Others on the outside see us in ways that we never do, often we are our biggest critic.


By accepting the person’s compliment you show yourself to be grateful and not arrogant. 

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