farmhouse kitchen makeover

Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover

Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover


Hello and welcome to our cottage farmhouse kitchen makeover. Our farmhouse style kitchen remodel had its ups and downs, that’s kind of normal for projects at our house. We are more surprised when a project turns out to be easy and goes to plan. More often than not this isn’t the case and this cottage farmhouse kitchen makeover project was no exception. What should have taken a few weeks turned into a 6-month ordeal so we forgot to show you how our kitchen remodel turned out.
We still have some small projects to get done and eventually will have to replace the tile again because our tiler did a horrible job. Despite that, we wanted to take some time to show you what our beautiful farmhouse kitchen is looking like.
cottage farmhouse kitchen makeover
If you missed this project you can catch up on the whole kitchen remodel under our home and garden tab. 

Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover

The Original Kitchen
This was our kitchen before we updated it. It had the standard cabinets in a honey oak and the setup left us very little counter space. We purchased the island to have a little extra space to work but the kitchen was tight with so much work being done and so many workers doing it.
cottage farmhouse kitchen makeover
We had added extra cabinets on the far wall to help us to have extra storage for our dishes and canned goods from the garden each year. This really helped us but it didn’t solve the problem with the lack of counter space for prepwork that we have to do in canning season.
cottage farmhouse kitchen makeover
Cottage farmhouse kitchen makeover before
What started as a simple fresh coat of paint turned into a full scale remodel from the dirt up thanks to a leaking refrigerator. It wasn’t something we had planned on doing but after months of work and a couple of major setbacks we now have our dream kitchen!
This was the sketch for the layout of our kitchen, we knew kind of what we wanted in our kitchen before we went into the project and our cabinet company did a wonderful job bringing it to life.
It was so amazing to see these drawings come to life in our kitchen!
cottage farmhouse kitchen makeover almost finished
cottage farmhouse kitchen makeover from another angle
cottage farmhouse kitchen sink
Farmhouse kitchen
farmhouse kitchen
farmhouse kitchen
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