Cottage Living Room Update

You may remember the full-scale kitchen remodel we did a few years back, well before that we actually updated our living room! We took the room from cream and crocodile tears green to a beautiful crisp white and shiplap look that fits into our cottage/farmhouse feel much better. 
Cottage Style, Shiplap, Vintage,


Cottage Style, Cottage Decor, Decorating


Cottage Style, Cottage Decor, Decorating, Interior Design


Country, Cottage, Cottage Style, Decorating, Interior Design


The room feels so much cleaner and so crisp! It’s so much easier to decorate for each season with the neutral palette of the walls and it makes the room feel so much brighter! We also switched our old ceiling fan to a beautiful cream chandelier which just fits into the feel of the house so much better.  
Cottage Style, Decoration, Interior Design
Cottage Style, Interior Design, Decorating


Cottage Style, Decorating, Interior Design
Shiplap, Cottage Decor, Cottage Style, Vintage, Interior Design
Cottage Style, Decorating, Interior Style, Cottage Decor


Cottage Style, Cottage Decor, Interior Design, Decorating


Cottage Style, Decorating, Interior Design, Vintage,


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