Cottage Valentine Decorations

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so we thought we would share some of our decorating. You may recognize some of our Christmas decor, we weren’t quite ready to put it all away but I think it works.

Over the fireplace we kept the wings from Decor Steals, aren’t they beautiful? I love the detail of the feathering, the touches of blue, gray and almost green.

On the mantel, we kept most of the same decorations (broken mirror trees from Big Lots, white paper trees that we made, and tarnished silver candlesticks) from Christmas but added frosted red berries to the pine cone garland. Beneath it is an adorable heart shaped chalkboard we picked up at Target last year.


We decided to keep the white slipcovers on the couches, to keep the room really crisp.

Green throw pillows from Ross, white fur ones from Burkes, the rectangle pillow with scripture is from Hobby Lobby.

In the dining room, we decided to go with a vintage look! We used a very old valentine card made by my great aunt for her mother and father when she was a little girl. We put an antique tarnished silver tea set on one side of the table with a heart inside a cleosh’.

On the other side we placed a stack of old letters in the cleosh, the other we filled with mercury glass ornaments, a vintage picture of my Aunt Wilma (her sister made the Valentine in the middle of the table), silver candlesticks from a local estate sale and a vintage camera Mr. Cottage picked up on his 3 month trip to Germany. We scattered glittery hearts here and there across the table to add a bit of sparkle.

We decided to cover the table with one of my grandmother’s tablecloth- she would put this on the table every holiday and if you recall we had it on one of the tables for our indoor garden party.

Again we used mismatched silver trays for chargers, paired with white bone china plates. I like the way the trays pull out the color in the Valentine.

We used a beautiful shabby chic book holder we picked up at Ross to hold the Valentine.

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Old letters from grandfather to my grandmother. I’ve always loved paper, especially old paper, postal marks, and handwriting like a window into the past.

There you have it, our Valentine’s Decor, a touch of the past, some glitter and lots of love. Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?


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