Country Snow Storm

Good morning! A snow storm? Ummm, make that an ice storm. We now have an ice skating rink for a yard. We’ve lost a couple of great big limbs already. Sigh. Looks like we will just be getting ice and no snow… so fun.  

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Well on the bright side Mr. Cottage is home from work, but only because there was no way he was able to get down the driveway with over an inch of ice on it. Our driveway is 150′ long and very steep. Even if he could get down it, stopping would be… interesting! It would shoot him into the street, over the street, down the ditch and through the cattle fencing from our neighbor. Not fun. The trees are all so heavy with all of the ice on them. I have never seen this before. It sure looks like a fairy world out there.  It looks like some kind of winter magic happened overnight.  

It is so cold out there.  I have covered the entire run for the chickens and it is a good thing that I did.  It has frozen over the run and really sealed it in.  It is nice and dry in there and surprisingly warm.  Even the wild birds are taking refuge in there with them.  

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These are the nesting boxes on their coop.  A little bit of ice?

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A whole lot of ice in the orchard. This is heart breaking to see the buds covered thickly in ice. We are not going to have fruit this year.


Oh, look they are clearing the street.  Too bad they stop and turn around at the neighbor’s driveway. 🙁
On the way to do chores.  A true winter wonderland.
Ice sparkling in the morning sun at the Rosevine Cottage.

Snow covering two inches of ice on the street.  
Beautiful ice covered fence.
Ice and snow-covered dock at the lake.

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