Photo of table set outdoors with thanksgiving decor. Canvas tablecloth, brown fur table runner down the center with silver candlesticks, orange pumpkins and black dinnerware.

Country Thanksgiving Table Decorations

It’s that time of year again where Thanksgiving table decorations are on our mind, every year we try to come up with a look that is really beautiful and unique. Thanksgiving is a time that brings family and friends together around the table for good food, and memory-making, but for the host, it can be stressful making sure everything is perfect. A big part of that is making sure you have a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece. You want something beautiful, dramatic, but still allow you to see your guests over the top of it. 

What is the Thanksgiving Centerpiece Called?

A traditional centerpiece for a Thanksgiving table is the cornucopia or the horn of plenty
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How to create beautiful country Thanksgiving table decorations

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How Can I Decorate My Thanksgiving Dinner Table?

Creating beautiful Thanksgiving Table Decorations can be a bit overwhelming but with some planning, you can come up with a gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpiece and an elegant table.

What Colors Are For Thanksgiving?

Traditionally they are oranges, yellows, browns, silvers, and golds.  But, you can use what you have and make it work. 

How To Make A Thanksgiving Buffet?

If you decorate the center of your table you will need a Thanksgiving Buffet to show off your delicious food and make it available fo people to eat. We have used everything from a folding table, a moveable island, a long dresser moved to the dining room, another narrow table, a sturdy glass sheet on plant stands, etc. Use your imagination. You can even just put it on the kitchen counter and have the guests get their food there and bring it to the table. 

What you’ll need for this elegant Thanksgiving table:

  • Table cloth
  • Placemats
  • Napkins
  • Plates
  • Chargers
  • Cutlery
  • Centerpiece


Begin with a table cloth that fits the table, longer is always better than too short. Follow the table cloth with placemats, then plates and cutlery. Form a Thanksgiving centerpiece down the middle of the table. A centerpiece should be big enough to give interest to the table but not so big that it blocks people’s view.


Thanksgiving Table Decorations On A Budget

Think outside the box when coming up with your Thanksgiving table decor, incorporate decor pieces from around your home.  Go through your closets and see what you already have. Look for fabric that can be used as tablecloths, linens you may have tucked away, candlesticks you may have, and forgotten about. Check yard sales, estate sales, and thrift stores for pieces you can put together. Ask family members if you can use plates, chargers, salt and pepper shakers, gravy boats, tablecloths, and napkins, etc. 

Side view of a dinner table outside in the fall. Table with canvas tablecloth, brown fur table runner, pumpkins down center with silver candlesticks and black dishes.

How To Create A Thanksgiving Centerpiece

To create these Thanksgiving table decorations we used a large drop cloth from Lowes as our table cloth, on top of this we placed a dark faux fur table runner for a rich contrast to the cream of the table cloth. For our Thanksgiving Centerpiece, we placed a large orange pumpkin in the middle of the table. It brings a bright pop of color to our Thanksgiving decorations and compliments the deep color of the table runner.


To either side of this, we placed some antique silver candle holders and candles from the Dollar Store. On either end of the table, we placed pumpkin soup tureens that mirror the colors of the centerpiece. For the place settings, we went with simple black plates that stand out beautifully against our light table cloth.


Simple Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Thanksgiving is always a super busy time of the year, but with a little effort you can knock out your Thanksgiving table decor with ease and without breaking the bank.

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