velveteen rabbit guest room

Cozy Cottage Velveteen Rabbit Bedroom

Our guest room has been a work in progress for a while now, but we finally got it to a point that we didn’t mind it being shown. We knew we wanted our guest room to be a cozy welcoming space and the decor to reflect our love of all things antique. We decided to go with a charming velveteen rabbit themed cottage bedroom decor.

We love how cozy this space turned out! When we have guests staying with us they love staying in this room, it’s a relaxing and peaceful place to sleep. We chose to go with really neutral colors, with splashes of color here and there around the room.

velveteen rabbit guest room

This bedroom doesn’t get a lot of natural light so we chose to go with white a simple white paint on the walls. White helps to make the room feel a little brighter.

velveteen rabbit guest room

Antique Beds For A Cottage Bedroom

We found these beautiful beds at yard sales over the last couple of years. We fell in love with them, so of course, they came home with us! The two on the outside are a  gorgeous matching cast iron twin bed set. They are so sweet and have that perfect cottage/farmhouse feel. The middle bed is a new addition that we picked up at an estate sale a few months back. It’s a gorgeous solid wood antique that someone refinished, the owner suggested we strip the paint off but we really love it white. The headboard has some absolutely beautiful details at the top.

Looking for some beds to create a cottage or farmhouse feel in your house? Try these:

velveteen rabbit guest room
velveteen rabbit guest room

Gorgeous Cottage Bedding For The Guest Bedroom

We went with some beautiful white cottage bedding for our guest room, matched with hand embroidered vintage pillowslips. A great place to find vintage linen is estate sales, we found most of our collection this way. Vintage linens are one of our greatest weaknesses whenever we see an estate sale advertising “quilts & vintage linens” we are out the door and on our way. We’ve found some really unique pieces over the years! You can see some of them peeking out from behind the white and lace pillow slips.

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velveteen rabbit guest room


Over the two outer beds, we hung these beautiful sheer canopies. We think it adds a sweet romantic and vintage feel to the room, and who doesn’t want to sleep in a canopy bed? And of course, we pinned strands of rose garland to the top. This is Rosevine Cottage after all!

velveteen rabbit guest room
velveteen rabbit guest room


Velveteen Rabbit Themed Cottage Bedroom

We’ve loved the Velveteen Rabbit for many years, it was my sister’s favorite story growing up. So we decided to go give our guest room a classic velveteen rabbit feel. We hung these handmade frames in a row and Mom (Mrs. Cottage) painted these adorable bunnies to go in them.

The little table below is a gorgeous antique sewing machine, we placed a cute bunny figurine that we upcycled from Goodwill. When we got it, it was a drab brown color. We painted it with simple white chalk paint for a new look. On the other side, we placed a couple of vintage volumes in a cream heart shaped basket.

velveteen rabbit guest room

Cottage Style Dresser Decor

Over on this dresser, we placed another framed bunny mom painted in a charming white frame. We also added a vintage book and two white bunny figurines.

Beautiful cozy antique velveteen rabbit bedroom decor
velveteen rabbit guest room

On the other side of the dresser, we paired an adorable french ladybug house, framed picture, and heart basket with a vintage looking scrapbook and vintage lace handkerchief.

velveteen rabbit guest room

Over the dresser we went with these matching cream mirrors we picked up at a thrift store a few years back. We wanted to lighten this area since the dark wood antiques can make it feel a bit heavy. Between the two mirrors, we hung a simple hydrangea wreath on a ribbon [you find our tutorial to make a hydrangea wreath here].

vintage guest room decor

On the other dresser, we paired a shadowbox with a vintage hand crochet babies bonnet in it with a pair of vintage skates. Brianna brought these skates home from the mile long yard sale a while ago.

antiques bedroom decor

In the center of the dresser, we placed this vintage painting of a young girl. We found it at a swap meet years ago, we believe she once hung in one of the historic houses here in Tennessee. The style is similar to ones we’ve seen in the plantation houses we’ve visited, but we’ve never discovered her story.

Antique linens and scrapbook
velveteen rabbit guest room
velveteen rabbit guest room
antique Victorian bed, cottage bedroom decor

Final Touches For Our Cottage Guest Bedroom

Our vintage typewriter found a place in the guest room too! I love how it looks in here, and the color is perfect.

Antique beds in a farmhouse bedroom

On one wall we hung the pair of angel wings we made, [you can find the tutorial for making paper plate wings here] they add the perfect cottage touch to our cottage bedroom.

Cast iron beds, wooden Victorian bed, cozy cottage bedroom

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