Photo of the Historic Cragfont Mansion in Castilian Springs Tennessee It is a two story home made with creamy brick. There are four windows on the bottom and five windows on the top and each one has a pair of green shutters. The roof is made of a green metal and there are chimneys extending beyond the roof on the right and left of the house. In four places on the face of the house between the upper and lower windows are what looks like green stars but they are giant bolts that run through the whole house and keep the house in plumb. There is a stacked stone fence in the front of the house and a double gate that is just off center of the door. The door is also green the color of the shutters with a transome window over it. This is from an article by about the house.

The Beautiful Cragfont Historic Home


Cragfont – A Place To Share

Whenever family or friends from out of town come for a visit we take them to visit some of the amazing historical places around us, Cragfont historic home happens to be one of our favorites! 
Photo of the sign at the Cragfont historic home stating that it is a state historic site.  It is a black sign with cream and white text.

Cragfont – A Place In The History Of Our Nation


This Cragfont historic home was built in 1804 by General James Winchester in Bledsoe Lick (now Castalian Springs, TN).  Bledsoe Lick was discovered by Issac Bledsoe in 1772 when he came through riding the Indian trails on his horse and saw enormous amounts of buffalo in the area, so many so that he was afraid to get off his horse for fear of being trampled by the large beasts.


Cragfont Historic home in Castaltion Springs Tennessee. Photo shows one end of the homes ballroom 
This is the second-story ballroom that you can see in the photo below has a balcony the length of the room.  It actually has one on each side.
 General Winchester was born in Maryland in 1752. When the United States went to war with England for the independence of the American Colonies he joined the Maryland Militia and served under General Hugh Mercer in Mercer’s “Flying Camp Battalion”.  
He was captured by the Brittish during a bold attempt to capture Staten Island New York from the English Red Coats that ended in failure.  Now a POW from August 1777 to May 1778 where he was freed in a prisoner exchange. 
See this song about the fall of Charlestown here on YouTube (video not ours).
Photo of the Cragfont Historic Home in Castilian Springs, TN by It is a cream colored stone home of two stories with a green metal ribbed roof with dual chimneys on each side of the house. There are four windows below on the bottom floor and a door entryway with a transom window above it and five windows above.
At this point, General Winchester was a commissioned officer and he was attached to the Third Maryland Regiment. 
As the Brittish had suffered some scathing defeats in their strategies of war and were confused by General George Washington’s plans, they withdrew their troops in Pennsylvania and concentrated their efforts on the south.  
Two girls sitting in a gazebo on the historic Cragfont Property. The light is filtering through the white lattice sides of the gazebo and playing across one of the girls hair and cheek. They are wearing short sleeve shirts and skirts.
One such star on their map was Charlestown, South Carolina.  They moved to Charlestown, in the spring of 1780 in an attempt to hold the city. This was a major battle that went on from March 29 – May 12, 1780.  Their efforts to protect the city were in vain and Charlestown fell to the British. 


Prison ships awaited the end of the battle and would be the new home of most of the 2571 Continental prisoners, Gen. Winchester being one of their number. We can’t imagine the conditions that they were forced to live in there.

Winchester moved to what is now TN and after the area was granted statehood in 1798 he was elected to Tennessee’s first General Assembly by serving as the Senator. 
Winchester went on to serve in the War of 1812 in the North Western Army and fought against the British and the Indians and in 1819 served with  General Andrew Jackson on the State Commission of Regulation dealing with the Missouri boundary. 
In 1819 Winchester founded Memphis, TN. 


The stone for the house was quarried from the property up the hill. 

Photo of the gravel drive leading to Cragfont Historic home in fall. The trees lining the driveway are golden yellow and orange as the fallen leaves puddle at the trunk of the trees like natures confetti. There are bare trees along the way. Their trunk looking black in the golden light of the day. Photo by in their article about Cragfont


We always have a great time and the house and grounds are so beautiful.       

Photo of the trellised brick pathway in the garden creating a long covered walkway down the path at the Cragfont historic home covered with rosebushes. This is a home in Castalian Springs Tennessee Article by the

We have visited this home several times over the years and it is never a disappointment, from the beautiful architecture, sweeping porch or gorgeous gazebo and flowers.

The back portion of the Cragfont Historic Home in Castalian Springs. This is a later addition to the main home. They added the summer kitchen to the home and built a second story ballroom at the top floor. By
I love coming here! The porch would have been great for parties, you can almost hear the music as you walk along it.


The metal gate inside a stone fence surrounding the family cemetery at Cragfont Historic Home in Castalian Springs, TN


Cragfont is located in Castalian Springs, Tennessee. 

Two young ladies that are in the gardens of Cragfont Historic Home.

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