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CVS Unilever Dry Spray VoxBox

CVS Unilever Dry Spray VoxBox

We are part of a group called Influenster and we are sent items at no cost once in a while to try out and then share our opinions with you our friends.  They have given us the opportunity to try out the CVS Unilever Dry Spray VoxBox
It has been really fun having the opportunity to try out new things. If you are ever interested in trying out being a reviewer for them sign up with them through our link and check it out!
Well, we received the CVS Unilever Dry Spray Vox Box in the mail, and inside of it was this Dove Men + Care. We asked Mr.Cottage to try it out and see what he thought. He normally uses an organic brand of deodorant but said he would try it and see.


Trying Out Unilever Dry Spray


We love to be out and about so we decided that we would go for a hike in the mountains in East Tennessee for the day and why not put this to the test while we were there?
It was a great day!
The sun was shining and it was warm. We tried out a more difficult trail than normal and had a blast hiking down to the falls swimming in the water and then back up the mountain we went. We had a picnic lunch and had a great time together.
Mr. Cottage said that he had never tried spray deodorant before, but he liked this one. He said it worked well and lasted a long time even when he was out climbing and in the sun he felt that it worked well and that he liked the smell.




Check out Brianna and our unboxing video below.



Received this product free for my honest review.

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